Monday, March 16, 2009

Role-Confused household items

Back in the "olden" days (which, according to my kids, is when I was little), all we had to play with was rocks, sticks and dirt, or at least that's what I feel like telling the Three Bored Amigos when they say there's nothing to play with. Though it can be somewhat annoying, I feel a small sense of glee when I notice the creative cells in their brains have transformed non-toys into toys without the help of Toys R Us. Below are a few examples of toy mutations. By the way, in case those who are only in the possession of girls, ANYTHING can be turned into a sword, rocket or gun and should you have one of my boys over, don't be aghast if you find a Barbie flying in the air with the legs in splits moving in a propeller motion. Also, if Douglas seems to be glassy-eyed and the only thing interesting him is a spider web in the upper corner of the room, it's because his cousin Alyssa is waiting for him to add conversation skills to Ken's charms by commenting on Barbie's mismatched shoes.

Examples of "Transformitus" (I think that's an HP magic word for transforming or "change-o to weapino")

Exhibit A:

IMG_2223 [800x600]

Is it an easel or an elegant gun?

IMG_2224 [800x600]

Exhibit B:

IMG_2213 [800x600]

Is it a ruler or a sword?

IMG_2214 [800x600]

Exhibit C:

IMG_2215 [800x600]

Are they decorative eggs or "chicken invaders?"

IMG_2218 [800x600]

Exhibit D:

IMG_2222 [800x600]

Is it a dowel used for crafts or a wand?

IMG_2221 [800x600]

Exhibit E:

IMG_2220 [800x600]

It is the Sword collection or is it a resting place for confiscated weapons or weapons with a tendency to malfunction or could it be a stockpile of WMDs?


mommymuse said...

Oh dear. I think I'm glad I only have ONE boy. The WMD stash looks like his dream come true. On the other hand, I've noticed with hordes of girls (at least, my girls) there is this primal urge to do everything with as few clothes on as possible. Ironically, my boy is often the most modest of the bunch. Together they are a gaggle of mostly-nude, sword-toting, swinging-from-the-ceiling-fan heathens. I've heard that at some point before adulthood they civilize...

etosamoe said...

You forgot the laundry basket helmets and pillows for shields/battering rams. Oh, and the hiding under the blanket as camouflage. And Thumper as an ICBM. Kids are fun aren't they?

Deanne said...

Who knew our homes were overrun with all these hidden weapons! Thanks for the heads-up. Truman and Sophie haven't found them all yet!

Welch Mom said...

My boys seem to take the name throw pillows literally and toss them everywhere! It drives me crazy!!!

Heatherlyn said...

Great post! My kids especially like tape. You can do ANYTHING with tape.

And they can make anything into a gun.

Mommy Of 2 said...

That is funny! I don't obviously have any boys so I find this amusing! I can see all those things can be turned into those creative boy stuff! Boys will be boys

Melisa said...

WMD!! haha! you crack me up!


Natalie said...

Okay...I think I'm good with Rex; I no longer want another son. I love your exhibits, especially the elegant gun, and I'm so curious to see what Rex devises once he's old enough to appreciate weaponry. Can I send him to your house for lessons?

Jayne said...

Sounds like spring break blues. You better think fast about making plans to keep the boys busy this summer. Swim lessons, anyone?

By the way, loved the creativity of your post!

Sean and Jeannette said...

Oh my gosh, this is my favorite post to date!!!! Do you ever just think, "How on earth did I ever sign up for this?!?!" Seriously, props to whoever came up with the decorative gun. That's genius!!!

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