Rewards of Restroom Etiquette

Thanks to some good behavior at work, like putting the seat down on the public toilet, refilling the stapler, not microwaving garlicy entrees in the lunchroom, and for finding the bosses lost keys, Chris got a bonus.  I think there were some other things worthy of bonus-hood, but they are “way existential” so I won’t even try to explain or even think about them.  With this bonus we of course invested it into an IRA and a 401k… “as if!”  We went running wild with green leaves of money-ness in our hands toward Sam’s club where we invested in a truly valuable commodity known as a trampoline!


IMG_2196 [800x600]

The child catching net was installed just hours after this part was completed, just in case you were feeling any twinge of worry, I wasn’t but I also let them eat cookie dough, so that tells you what kind of mother I am.

This trampoline has all of the safety measures fully implemented for grandma W.’s peace of mind.  We even have a doctor on call down the street; though, he doesn’t know that he’s on call, we at least know where to find him and we can call out to him should one of our children lose all contact with gravity and commence into a moon destined trajectory.  This morning we woke up to an inch of snow which ended at about 3 inches by this afternoon.  Upon looking out the window this morning, I got to witness three faces lined with disgust at the thought of their new trampoline being littered with snow.  As the reality sunk deeply into their left mesial fun-o-campus region of their brains, I knew if I didn’t provide some other seriously fun activity, that my afternoon would be the bitterest yet.  Fortunately, grandma H. drove into town and successfully deterred an afternoon of “I’m bored”s, dished out in a Chinese Water-torture styles going something like this: “I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored…”

IMG_2209 [800x600]


Welch Mom said…
Oh that looks like fun alright. I am terribly at the trampoline as I get laughing so hard that I lose control of my limbs as the flail around aimlessly.
Heatherlyn said…
We got a trampoline last summer. (No saftey net. Our kids are pretty mellow.) The kids LOVE it.

And when it snows. Wow. They go out there and slip and slide on the tramoline. Yep. It gets icy and that makes it even more fun. (Maybe the saftey net would be a good idea then.) And sometimes the little guy will go out and make snow angles on it. It's proved to be fun year-round.
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mommymuse said…
My kids would be so insanely jealous of your kids. I was -this- close to getting a trampoline with tax return money, but I chickened out w/horror stories of broken necks and skyrocketing homeowner's insurance. Sigh. Of course, maybe channeling the kids' energy would help keep my house in one piece...
Jayne said…
What a perfect 'toy' for your boys. Just send them out back to release energy! Congrats on the bonus, Chris!
Melisa said…
How fun! We had one growing up and loved it. We could have used the safety net though! Congrats to Chris!
Natalie said…
Yay for trampolines! That is a much better investment than an IRA, for sure. I can't believe how tall Isaac is. Rex is taking after him; he's 10 months old and walking all over the place. Tell Isaac thank you for me, will you?! :)
Yay to raises. Yay to trampolines. Is your hubby currently working a law position?
How fun! Are those mountains past your yard? It looks gorgeous out there!!
Tell Douglas and Reed hi for us!!

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