Friday, March 13, 2009

Just like a Baby: Eats, sleeps, and does that other thing we don’t like to talk about in civilized company. Let me know if you’re not civilized and I’ll expound.

eeg1 eeg

I didn’t really look like this guy here but I did feel somewhat like him.

I think my doctors were really trying to create a monster out of a marginally healthy human today.  I had an EEG and a blood test today.  For the first I had to come in sleep deprived and for the second test I had to be fasting.  So at 9 this morning I arrived at the doctor’s office tired and hungry or it could be looked at as ornery and starving, depending on one’s level of theatrics.  I really wasn’t too bad but was somewhat nervous about my performance in the EEG.  Why do physicians think one can sleep normally when they know they are being watched and examined during the process.  An errant thought led me to temporarily think they could read my thoughts with all of these wires coming out of my Medusa inspired hair-do.  If they could, my semi conscious dreams would have had them rolling with laughter as Wolverine from X-Men helped my mom do the laundry.  Dreams.  Apparently, I passed the 1 hour long sleep session as I had to be woken up. 


I watched X-Men last night as one of the methods for ensuring a state of sleep deprivation.  I was so awake after it that I wanted to watch the next one. 

By the way, this was just another one of those up-keep tests, like the MRI to make sure things are still working.  Everyone was very nice at this office and put me at ease.  Unlike my appointments at the dentist where, upon viewing the x-rays, the hygienist first, and then 15 minutes later, the dentist, exclaims, “My you’ve had some work done!”  Talking to me like I’m a 1980’s Buick La Sabre.  Yes, in my earlier years my love of sugar proved quite detrimental on my teeth, but with the help of modern dentistry I can at least hope that my teeth will stay in my head well into my 50s.  Thank goodness for dentures, oh and while we’re on the subject, let’s include depends and Metamucil in the gratitude category.


etosamoe said...

Lucky they didn't make a Borg drone out of you, though the laser eye thing and polyphonic voice would probably help get the kid's attention

Melissa said...

I am sorry they only let you sleep for one hour! If they make you come in sleep deprived, they ought to let you sleep until you naturally wake up!

Melisa said...

Ooooo, tired AND hungry! When that happens to me, my kids run and hide. ;o)

Heatherlyn said...

No sleep and food, to prepare for your tests, sounds MISERABLE.

I'm thankful for metamucil. (Ugg, and for spell check, which I didn't use when I posted this comment and undoubtedly spelled metamucil wrong.)

I'm hoping that a "sling" operation can prevent the depends.

And I hate the dentist, but I'm always grateful for what they can do to help my teeth last longer!!!!

Oh, getting older is NOT for the faint of heart. :)

Glad your tests went well!!!

mommymuse said...

Ooh, at least you had yummy Hugh Jackman to help you through the ordeal :). I think having him pop up in my dreams would make just about anything more endurable. Is that a word?

I'm with you on the metamucil. I just popped (oops, I started to type pooped instead--how apt is that...) my fiber pills a few minutes ago. 15 years ago I would have gagged at what a geek I've become. Ah, aging!

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