The End of the Ice Age


With the end of the ice age came the discovery of frozen ancient plants, animals, and G.I. Joes.  Here in Ogden, the snow has almost all melted and has joined the cold swamp that makes any grass treading sound like walking on a giant wet sneaker- queek, queek, queek.  I just went out to get the mail and thoroughly enjoyed the short walk, the 65 degree temperature, and the qeeking.  On my way back, Isaac had followed me, we found 2 de-iced tyrannosaurus rexes.  Isaac insisted that I wash them as apparently they were pretty nasty going into the “big chill.”  This cleaning also happened to include scrubbing their nether-regions which I must say were pretty dirty for plastic toys.  Now they are all clean and have joined their plastic comrades in the living room.


This snow relief version of paleontology has revealed a helicopter (yesterday’s finding), G.I. Joes, Power Rangers, Power Ranger parts, don’t ask which ones, and a plastic poisonous dart frog. I would like to have gotten a look when someone pushed the defrost button on the ice age and I wonder if there really was a saber-toothed squirrel. 


Heatherlyn said…
So cute. I love your de-icing and your comparison with the ice-age!
Melissa said…
I bet you and your kids are glad the Ice Age is over so you can get outside again!
Melisa said…
Great movie. I'm so over snow right now...

Natalie said…
I found some hot pink socks near our swingset yesterday. :) Dinosaurs and G.I. Joes are much more interesting, though. Aren't you disappointed with this winter relapse? I am!
Heatherlyn said…
Your poem was really good! I enjoyed it a lot.

MamaKat, at

hosts a writer's workshop every Thursday. On Wednesday she posts the prompts. Then on her site Thursday morning you can enter your name and a link to your blog. I often will click on other people's links who have participated to see how they answered their prompts. You might enjoy it.
Welch Mom said…
It was 66 in Mi. today and I got a sunburn. Yippee I have never been more excited for that than now!

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