Spock's Coffin

spock's coffin

As I lay in the machine, head in a vice, encased in a magnetic conical white tube, with the sound of horseshoe clopping and a space ship's engine, my mind went instantly to Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn.  Spock dies, sniff, sniff, and his comrades place him in a large black case which I can only imagine felt like the inside of an MRI machine.  He is propelled to the pre-pubescent planet named Genesis (the planet was born of a torpedo, don't remember the details, but it ages quickly. I believe he is dropped on it when it was still experiencing terrestrial pimples).  After a 45 minute equestrian sci-fi ride, I was finally pulled out of the MRI machine feeling like the dead but thankfully still of this world. 


We'll see what kind of embarrassing pictures result from this brain scan in a few days.  I know I have a brain at least (yes I do doubt this once in a while) and it must be fairly big since it took 45 minutes to take.  Or maybe the length of time was simply an inability, on the technicians side, to get my cranium to smile.  I told Chris I'd make sure to give the camera a tight mouthed grin, but I guess that must have been insufficient.


jakeandlacey said…
Wow... That takes me back to the MRI's I have had! Not the funnest hours of my life... Hope everything comes out okay! I'm SURE you have a brain! A very artistic, lovely one at that! I like the comparision to a sci-fi horse race! haha.
Rebecca said…
I hope everything is ok. Why did you need scans? Me and Jaylan still think you should write for a newspaper, like a columnist!
Welch Mom said…
Are you alright? Please give us more details than that! And yes you have a great brain!
Becky and Chris said…
Yes, I'm alright. This is just to check up on some scarring I had in 2004 that was causing me to have seizures. They have been under control thanks to a brain drug called Lamictol. The doc. needs to see if it, the scar, not my brain, has shrunk at all. It would be nice to not have to have to take so much medication. Plus, should we want an addition to the Williams clan, this is not a good drug during pregnancy. So there it is, no worries. Thanks for your concern :).
Brynn said…
Oh good. Thanks for answering my question I was just about to type. You had me worried!
You are so dearly loved, scars and all.
Melisa said…
Keep us posted! And I totally didn't get any of the metaphor. I'm clueless about Star Trek. haha!

Natalie said…
Ohh, MRIs are the absolute worst! Did you explain to the technicians that you have three young boys, so lack of discernable brain matter shouldn't be a surprise? :) Just kidding...your brain is magnificent. I hope the results are good and that you don't have to have another one for a long, long time (brain scan and/or child...he he).
I had no idea.....when you came out you weren't glowing green or anything, right? I will be praying for the best!
Melissa said…
I hope everything turns out O.K. My cousin has had a lot of troubles with her epilepsy. It is no fun. We will be praying for you.

You really should write as a profession.
Deanne said…
I've never had one (a MRI not a brain), but from the sounds of it I'm glad.

I hope everything turns out okay for you!
Brenny said…
I've only ever had them for my knee, so no need to get fully 'coffinated.' I totally made that word up, but it fits since I completely agree with the Spock analogy.

I'm glad nothing is terribly wrong and it was just routine!

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