Queen Ornery


This afternoon you may address me as "Her Royal Ornery-ness."  Do you ever get into a mood and know that it's going to take a pedicure, body massage, a trip to somewhere tropical, a quart of diet Coke and a gallon of chocolate to snap out of it? 


I'm in one of those determined moods and I have a cemented furrowed brow to prove it.  I'm not going to go into details on the subject but I'll say that it has something to do with my adorable children, one of which has just rent his church pants from the knee down.  If he had intended to go into a worthy battle and had chosen to write a title of liberty on them I might have forgiven him, but this was instead an act of defiance for being put on a time out.  True, there was a small rip already but a one inch hole should not grow to a 12 inch hole in an hour's time no matter how angry the wearer is.


Mommy Of 2 said…
Ohhhhh, what time outs will bring out in a child! One of our kids took the door off the hinges when she was in time out a while back, Oh it was interesting and shocking at the same time! Hope you know how to sew :))))))
Brynn said…
I have been feeling like Queen Ornery for the last month. I am glad I have Sister Kingdoms out there to commiserate with.
Melisa said…
I so know this feeling! ARGH.

Welch Mom said…
I was that person on Valentine's Day and well a few days after. I just was not feeling the love! Lots of chocolate have been consumed and it has taken the edge off. I recommend it!
mommymuse said…
Your restraint is admirable! I think my kids would have been running for their lives, seeking sanctuary at the neighbors' houses if they pulled a stunt like that.
Steverino said…
May I humbly submit, for your diet coke and chocolate pleasure,


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