A Mr. Rogers Experience


Earlier today, while sitting in the car with my family, watching the world go by, I found myself in the usual random mental revelry.  I started to share an experience with Chris and before I could stop myself from revealing my somewhat embarrassing train of thoughts I told him that I'd had a Mr. Rogers experience the other day.  I came home from some errand and once I'd walked in the door I proceeded to take off my coat and then my shoes.  Then with the same rhythm, bypassing the tossing of the shoe and catching it part, I put on my slippers and slid on my sweater.  I mentally noted this Mr. Roger behavior as I walked down the hall adjusting my sleeves (putting on sweaters always disrupts the position of whatever long sleeve shirt I'm wearing).  After sharing this strange experience, Chris, with what seemed to be sincere curiosity, asked if I then visited the Neighborhood of Make- Believe.  Hah-hah!  Upon reflection, I was probably already there and have been for some time now.

Mr. Rogers neighborhood


Natalie said…
That's funny! Too bad you didn't pass your shoe; that was my favorite part of the show. I always hated Lady Elaine. :)
Melisa said…
hahaha! Too funny!
Brenny said…
I'm dying -- that is too funny. Did you feed any fish? Do a quick craft? Love it.
mommymuse said…
I LIVE in the land of Make Believe. Most days it's far preferable to the land of reality...

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