Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Kitty, 5 stars for this uniquely educational alphabet book

Bad Kitty

This evening we drove home from my sister's house after hanging around just long enough to get ourselves invited over for dinner.  Actually, that wasn't my intention, she is just very gracious and thoughtful plus my kids seemed to be rummaging through her cupboards like they never get fed at our house.  My cute little beggars.  On our drive home we pass through downtown Ogden which isn't all that down-towny, but that's what it's called.  All things, including quiet down towns, inspire 7 year old and 3 year old brains.  I actually don't know of anything that doesn't inspire the very aware brains of the young.  Compared to them, I'm in a state of comatose. Here are one of the many random observation inspired conversations from tonight's drive.

Douglas:  Is this downtown?

Mommy:  Yes

Isaac:  I want more chicken!

Douglas:  Do you know why they call sky- scrapers, skyscrapers?   It's because they scrape the sky.  ( 3 seconds of silence)  Why are there always cops down town?

Isaac:  Look at the lights!

Mommy: (focusing on obeying the speed limit in a 35 mph) Uh...because people sometimes don't obey the law downtown?

Reed:  I know, it's because lots of people loiter!

Reed's understanding of loitering comes from one of my very favorite alphabet books called, Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel (recommended by the illustrious Naomi).  On the page with the letter L, when the kitty was being very bad, his crime was Loitering.

Bad Kitty loitering1

This book is a classic in the world of alphabet education.  So, if you want a break from B is for Bear and H is for Helicopter, try B for "Bit Grandma" and H for "Hurled hair balls at our heads."


mommymuse said...

Haha...that sounds like a book my kids will LOVE. Have you read any of the Happy Hocky family books by Lane--um, I forget his last name...Smith, maybe? Very funny. The "No,David!" books are popular at our house, too. Why do kids love books about naughty things? The vicarious thrill?

Leticia said...

I totally am into great kids books...since that is my world right now!!
Thanks for the good recommendation...I am definately going to get this one!!
What funny and cute little boys you have!!!

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