Friday, January 23, 2009


My previous post was about getting up in the morning and some of the issues with, well getting up in the morning.  One of those issues is the part where the boys pull on their jackets and slither into their backpacks.  Of course it seems to always be 2 minutes before they need to start walking out the door that they bring up some things they needed to do or bring to school, etc.  hearing test

Today, they pointed out that they had a paper in their backpacks telling us about hearing tests going on at school.  That was fine, they pulled them out, I looked at them and said "okay," what else does one say.  Looking at the paper on the table Reed, in his curious way, asked me what a hearing test was (Reed knows the answers to these things but for some reason he just has to voice the question, almost like the mental struggle is for my benefit, like when they were kids and I'd tell them "say dog, or say train," etc.  the cooperation might have been an effort to entertain mommy and encourage her so she won't feel like her attempts at child rearing are a complete failure).  Douglas was standing next to me at the time getting his pack on.  Being the sarcastic and impatient person that I am in the morning (you would be too if you woke up and realized you had been turned into a cyclops in your sleep) I briefly said, "it's for testing your ears" and then further expounded loudly, yet to myself that, "maybe when they test you they'll discover that you really can't hear because you never listen to me or obey me when I'm talking to you....blah, blah, maybe you guys really do have hearing problems."  Douglas, still standing next to me said, with perfect comedic timing, "What?"  Yes, that's why I love them.


Melisa said...

Wonder where they get that humor from? ;)


Sounds like and Native American word to me!

Melisa said...

Hey, hope you don't mind, but I gave you a bloggy award. hahaha! Go check it out!


Wait, that is actually a word!

Brenny said...

Oh my goodness, that made me giggle.

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