Jerry the Germ

Isaac was sick this morning with what I think Douglas had on Thursday.  It's always interesting yet disgusting to watch as germs jump from one child to the next.  I bet it's considered an Olympic sport among germs and the true challenge is to see if you can get all of the family infected in the shortest amount of time.  "Jerry the Germ wins!  In a 5 person race he hit 3 in the first week and 2 in the second giving him an infectious round total of 10!"

olympic laurel

After hearing of Isaac's physical state, Reed and Douglas asked this morning who the first person was to throw up (they're obsessed with superlatives, the first, the best, the fastest).  After a second they answered their own question by saying Adam, but then I felt the need to correct them and say that it was most likely Eve.  After some explaining about morning sickness they had to agree.

Now I hope Jerry the Germ will realize that I have a great immune system and that we're all taking our vitamins and quit after Isaac.  I think I'll go eat some fruit and take a swig of Pepto just to dampen his spirits.


Welch Mom said…
When he comes to visit you, can you tell him he is never welcome at our house again? The last time he came he was such an awful, unpleasant guest!
Melisa said…
I hope it skips you!!!!
Natalie said…
Good luck, noble Becky! When I create my own world someday, I'll grant every mother an infallible immue system since they are the cleaners up of all their children's and husband's byproducts of sickness. Ick! To have a mother get sick is simply not fair! :)
Mommy Of 2 said…
Oh yuck. I hope that our family will bypass this sickness. We have been good so far. Good luck and take lots of Vit C and drink water!!! If mama aint happy no one is happy right!
Hows it going over?? I forget you are so close now.. We need to plan a get together. I am usually always available so let me know when and I can come out your way. Anyways, hope you guys had a great Xmas and are having a Happy New Year so far!! :)
Poor boy!!! More than anything, poor you. Ughh...the nastiness of throw up sounds. If there is going to be a germ category in the Olympics, there also needs to be a category for mom who can fight off germs the longest!

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