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All right, I read them again, the Eugenides series by Megan Whalen Turner.  I had to do something besides reread the Twilight books, pathetic I know.  I am a re-reader, I confess, I can't help myself.  If I find something I really like I want to linger a bit longer in that world.  It's just too hard to say goodbye to wonderful characters like Eugenides, Edward, Bella, Corlath, Harrimadsol, Isi, Elizabeth , Gregor, Eragon, Ender, Harry, Jacob, Captain Wentworth, and yes, I can go on and on.

I would recommend all three of the above pictured books to anyone, male or female.  I believe there's supposed to be a 4th one.  Hurry Megan and finish it already!

A couple more of my books in need of reinforced spines are The Hero and the Crown and one of my very favorites, Blue Sword.

Hero and the Crown Blue sword

And finally, there are the Stephenie Meyer books which I will not show pictures or links to as I believe it might be contributing the unhealthy habits of a large population fighting the consumption of addictive paper products.  Those which come with spines, many letters including E, D, W, A, R, D, B, E, L, L, A and a plethora of page numbers all being force fed at the speed of 60 watts an hour straight through the eyeballs. Time for a new hobby perhaps?  Travel?  Oh, I don't know, maybe a trip up toward the Olympic Peninsula?  (I'm done, tired, and in a weird mood (well that last part is actually normal for me), good night).


Natalie said…
I'm glad to see I'm not the only late-night blogger. I agree with you on "Ender's Game"...that was a fabulous book that I read before my novel crisis circa senior-year-at-BYU. Maybe someday you'll inspire me to pick up fiction again. :) I hope you have pleasant dreams!
I am also a re-reader. I'm trying to give Twilight a break(we'll see how that goes!) and thinking about re-reading the Work and the Glory series(for the fourth time.) It's been a few years. :)
Welch Mom said…
I am ashamed to admit I bought the first Twilight book in November and have not read it yet, oh someday when I am not too busy with kids, business, preparing a house to move, and did I mention kids?
Mommy Of 2 said…
Thanks for the suggestions! I am reading the Ink Heart Series now! I am also going to re read New Moon before the movie comes out in Nov!!!
So... this explains the immense vocabulary and wonderful imaginitive words of Becky. Maybe my blog would be much more interesting if I actually picked up a book once in a while.

I think that's a great goal for me to take on. While visiting family in Utah & Idaho I was surprised at how much everyone was reading... including All of the Children! Wow, that was inspiring.

Since I haven't entered the "Twilight" Zone yet, maybe I'll start there. :)

Thanks for your great updates!

Love ya,
Jayne said…
Robin's books do look interesting. I will have to look them up next time I'm at the library.

I don't own the Twilight series...yet. I have a weird thing about purchasing books. Since we're in a stage of life where we move every few years and I HATE moving books I'm trying to patiently wait to buy my library of books once we're settled. Crazy...I know. It's just torture some days when I can't pull Twilight off the shelf and have a good read.
Melisa said…
I added Megan to my list. :)

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