Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ew! They're kissing!

Alas, I am in my old lady night gown, the knit cream one with the purple flowers, hair tightly clipped and tied back, and feet freed of socks and shoes.  If it wasn't for the tiny thread of memory that told me I had a Hershey's kiss hidden in a remote corner of a kitchen cupboard I might not be sitting here trying to release some of the day's anxiety through the justified placement of organized letters. Rather, I'd be quickly pacing the kitchen tiles, trying to cut any hair that tried to free itself of it's plastic confines, and throwing shoes that I tripped over.  Chocolate, it can be such a life preserver at times!

Hershey's Kisses Chocolate 

This afternoon, in order to form a more perfect unio...I mean, in order to change up the usual routine of the boys coming home, de-cloaking in a reptilian manner, greeting mommy with a smile and then a demand of some sort, to be followed by an all out brawl with Isaac (he has unique ways of welcoming his brothers home), I decided that we should go on an outing to the library.

library of congress

Reed and Douglas' favorite part of the library is the Non-Fiction section upstairs with all the people who know how to be reverent (some books have earned a certain degree of honor and respect deserving of quiet, awed moments by its aisle hopping perusers), or at least know how not to run up and down aisles laughing in the library.  Reed and Douglas have almost mastered this one but Isaac has not.  This is why, beforehand, I told them we would only be visiting the juvenile section of the library.  They whined and suffered with a good degree of moaning, moping, and moisture as we sat looking at the "this is so below our dignity style of non-fiction section" of the library.  They, lacking sincerity in their expressions, grudgingly relinquished any hope of a "real" book on dinosaurs and settled on some childhood adventure paperbacks:  Ralphie:  "Heh, I was just kidding, even though Schwartz is getting one. I guess I 'd just like some Tinker Toys.."  (Christmas Story)


Well, after a little bit more of the moaning, etc. I finally gave in, I know, I'm the worst type of mother out there, but I thought maybe Isaac has matured these last few months and would refrain from the usual behavior, which by the way also includes pushing the books from one side of the shelf through to the other.  So, on the way up the stairs I told them they had to go directly to the dinosaur section and pick a book as fast as they could and they said they would. 

They found the spot on the bottom shelf and quickly started seeking out THE best dino book.  There was some quarreling over who grabbed which book first etc. and I had to come and insist they hurry or they wouldn't get one.  They whined some more and Douglas testily said, "Fine, I'll get this one!" and grabbed it because of the dinosaur eggs on the cover.  

I have learned that library trips should be calm, well thought out, singular, and sedated child adventures.  We got home and I looked at our catch consisting of those "oh fine, I'll get this one" books and the prized dinosaur ones.  I really shouldn't have rushed these findings because it turns out we came home with a book on dinosaur reproduction, with illustrations.  The book is going to wait out it's "checked-out" status on the top of the book shelf as I am not in the state of mind to explain what Dina and Dino are doing on page 35.

Birds and bees 3



Natalie said...

Do you want my girls to come over and explain it? :)

mommymuse said...

Oh yes, my girls would be happy to enlighten them. I won't even try to explain why I've had to go into way, WAY TMI with my precocious little sweeties.

Brenny said...

Illustrations? What the? I can't believe it -- but I'll take your word for it because I don't want to see it either...

Just as a side note, my word verification was 'inktan'. Funny.

Sean and Jeannette said...

Sounds like the dino-love-making book should be in the adult section:) Isaac's latest thing at the library is to play chase amongst the books. Yeah, Sean taught him that one. Thank you, sean:) Give those dinokids a big hug from meeeee!

Melisa said...

Calvin and Hobbes is my fave!



-Ang said...

Whoa! Good thing you checked first. Ah -the joys of the library that we're supposed to bring our children to in order to educate but then expected to actually keep quiet -sigh.

P.S. My varification word is "oompa" -how do you get all the funny ones :D?

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