Don't feed them after midnight!


We have a new time for church since our ward split and I am feeling like the official time should be called "the witching hour."  Primary is fine, it's just when we get into Sacrament meeting that The Three turn into gremlins and not the soft, cute, and furry versions.  The time is from 11-2 right, during lunch, and so every other minute three haunting voices repetitiously wailed "I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, grrrr!"  "Grrr can have many meanings and translates into sounds like fingernails on chalkboards, piercing screams, metal rubbing against metal, dentist drills, or (in Lacey's case) cotton being pulled apart. 


I'm sure anyone can guess my mental and emotional state but if you can't it is not stable, so beware.  I was asked to play my violin during the meeting and what would usually be a frightening thing was in fact the greatest relief, like a drink of ambrosia or winning the lottery.  I gleefully unpeeled my children, tripped over someone's shoe, and frolicked up to the stage to play.  Unfortunately, it only lasted about 2 minutes but it did sustain me for another 20 minutes.  I won't go on but I am seriously considering putting something of a sleepy bye nature into a water bottle next Sunday to be safely tucked away in a side pocket of my purse.


Mommy Of 2 said…
So funny...or not! I feel your stress, I sit every Sunday by myself and it is a miracle if I hear anything good! I have to say though, today wasn't half bad:) Good luck next week with the Gremlins. Haha
It's distressing to know that the bad gremlin has eaten off poor Little Gingerbread Man's head1 Ah! They did much worse in the movie:) Oh, we have church from 11:30-2:30. By the time I pick up Isaac from nursery, he is full out laying on the nursery leader's lap half asleep. And when we get home, he eats everything in the fridge.
Kate said…
Understand completely! Minus the playing the violin, we are 1-4, the kids in the Primary are so restless, one child even fell asleep. Good luck next week!
Brenny said…
I knew you were serious when you said playing a song during sacrament meeting was actually a relief! Yikes. I hope it gets better, or that this year goes fast...

I didn't get to comment on your last blog. I haven't read The thief series yet, but I've had it one my list for a while. Guess it will have to move up a few notches with those recommendations!
Melisa said…
That is such a hard time, I really don't like it!
Water, that is a GREAT idea....Gremlins hate water!:) Though, once you start putting some "happy helper" in their water, they might start liking it! Maybe you should store your violin in the bathroom at church for some pick-me-up every now and then. O.k. I'm not helping....I'm sorry you have the WORST time for church. GRRRR.
Natalie said…
Can you send a little bit of your magic potion my way? We too have church during the witching hour and it is wreaking havoc on our family! I'm glad you got to escape for a few moments, however brief, because you deserve it! I also can't stand the sound of cotton being pulled apart...I'm glad to have learned that I am not as strange as I previously thought.

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