Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catch me if you can!

olympics 2

Alas, my romance with Jerry the Germ, a time in which my husband would give me no kisses, has come to an end. I must say that Jerry the Olympiad of Germs performed with great form, speed, and expression.  The form being a 45 degree angle over the toilet, the speed being 3 seconds to get there, and the expression in colors we shall not even try to explain.  Yes, I too competed with the Germ but I, unlike the 3 before me, did not help in his performance.  I have the unfortunate skill of not being able to hurl.  It has happened in the past, the one time I remember specifically was around age 12 when I had consumed more than my share of a new delicacy called the pine nut.  I can barely think of the white oval legume without breaking into a cold sweat.  Gluttony, for me, is definitely a deadly, or at least a nauseating, sin.  But since then I could probably count on one hand the number of times relief has come in the worship of the porcelain God form.

I have a similar problem, along the same lines of not allowing things to leave my body, that is when I have children.  With nausea you at least, once your immune system does its job, will get over.  When you're pregnant and the baby (or babies) won't come out after 2 days of labor, Prostin, Pitocin, and verbal encouragement, is not something you will simply get over in time.  Thus the C-section is born along with a Reed, a Douglas, and an Isaac.

IMG_2082 [800x600]

New subject...and about time, sorry.  But speaking of births, Reed and Douglas just turned 7! 


We had a small party with cousins in which we bowled and ate pizza and cake.  The boys got a glimpse into the exciting world of what is to be in a league as not too many lanes down from us was a herd of serious bowlers.  It is still hard to believe that it is considered a sport, and quite a serious one at that.  I think one of the old guys nearly went into cardiac arrest when Isaac wandered quite innocently over to their platform (or whatever it's called, pier, launching station, bowling board?) to look at their bowling balls.  Thanks to the rails all of the minors got at least a 45.  Out of shear luck I almost beat Chris scoring 320, 321, whatever it took (no, not even close and I do know the highest score is 300).

IMG_2085 [800x600] 

It's a rare moment in which I get a picture of Isaac with a clean face.

IMG_2087 [800x600]

Caught!  Napping and playing on mommy and daddy's ipods.  It was a Sunday afternoon though.

IMG_2069 [800x600]

Our newest nephew, the very handsome Henry.

 IMG_2067 [800x600]

A final picture before Matt, Leigh, and Henry flew back to medical school in the Bahamas, jealous?  Yes!


Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

That cake it awesome!

mommymuse said...

Eek--sorry you had a turn w/ Jerry the Germ. I can relate to the inability to, umm, "get it all out", although I did finally find a solution which can't be shared publicly but which is amazingly effective. Hope you are feeling tons better ;)

Natalie said...

Happy birthday to the hadsomest twins on Earth! I can't believe they're seven years old, and I love the picture of Isaac staring at the cake...I could see his mouth watering! That cake is so cool; I'm yet again impressed by one of your infinite creative abilities. It's so awful when you need to throw up but can't. I'm sorry you suffered! If only we could cut open our tummies for viral relief, not just gestational relief. That would be grand!

Rebecca said...

I love your cute boys. They look older and I can't believe they are seven. Those cute faces can't fool me though- I remember piano lessons. We miss you! Cool cake.

Brenny said...

I hope you are feeling better. I must say I am amazed by that cake. I think I stared at it for a full minute looking at all of it's beautiful colors. No, I am not high, although that last sentence might make you wonder. Happy Birthday Reed and Douglas!

Melisa said...

I'm sorry you got sick! At least the party sounded fun!

Sean and Jeannette said...

Does Jerry the Germ cross two time zones, by chance? Does he have cousins in Milford, MI?

Hmmmmm....tell Jerry the Germ to go away! Happy Birthday Douglas and Reed! Wow!

Sean and Jeannette said...

And one more thing, I COMPLETELY agree with Elaine. That cake is seriously da' bomb. You are amazing!!!

Welch Mom said...

Miss your creativeness and wish you were here to help me and tell me how to fix up my house for sale!

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