Sledding all the way!

The first time we did this, and this truly was a first for our boys as the largest slope I saw in Michigan was probably on a landfill, Reed didn't even stop to weigh any consequences.  He walked up the hill, found the first sled and without direction, encouragement or warnings the boy was down the hill as fast as a, a, a, well, fast!  Douglas followed suit and both only stopped when word of homemade doughnuts and hot chocolate reached their wind blown ears (that image is only truly effective in men with long ear hairs).

IMG_1989 [800x600] IMG_1993 [800x600] IMG_2004 [800x600] IMG_1991 [800x600]

Grandpa and grandma H. bought a tire tube which was the favorite especially if you like the feeling of weightlessness, which I do.  Though, the round slick ones were the fastest.  Douglas learned this face first when he met a surprise handmade slope while riding on his belly.  The poor boy was airborne for a moment but came down fast on his face giving him a fat lip and a bloody nose.  He is not put off  by the accident and promises to return to the sport the next chance he gets.

IMG_2015 [800x600] IMG_2035 [800x600]

Dantzel loved the doughnuts and Brooklyn the snow.

IMG_2037 [800x600] IMG_2008 [800x600] IMG_1986 [800x600] IMG_2021 [800x600] IMG_2038 [800x600]


It takes a while to get used to "landfill recreation," I know, I know. Once you get over the smell, I mean, non recyclable bumps, it isn't that bad. O.k., it's bad. I'm so glad you have the mountains!
Kate said…
It was fun to see your boys enjoying it so much! We had a great time too!
Melisa said…
Oh, how I miss UT sometimes...
Jayne said…
What a fun & perfect Christmas!
Brenny said…
So much fun! Poor Douglas, but we all have taken those sledding diggers. It's a rite of passage. I hope he heals soon.

Now tell me about these homemade donuts...

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