On the 4th day of December

On the forth day of December my true loves gave to me four snotty tissues in green, yellow, clear, and slime #5.

With the cold season knocking at our door, scratching on our windows and slithering into our vents, some people find it necessary to express their viruses with this gooey new found medium.  While at the check out line at Target the little old lady seemed surprised when she realized Isaac was purposely shooting snot out of his nose and then snorting it back up.  If she was really paying attention she would have seen that he was actually aiming and re-aiming at things and, fortunately, not hitting his mark.  Thankfully, he hasn't learned the technique of making his own compressed air power snot guns (the rhinoblaster), but I'm sure it will not be long until he discovers the "farmer blow."


Melisa said…
I love how children behave in public. ;)

What is it with your blog? Now my verification word is 'naters". What in the world?!
mommymuse said…
I'm wincing in sympathy. My kids think it's great fun to see how far they can blow a string of snot out, and they think I'm such a party pooper because I insist on trying to catch it with a tissue. Seriously, before I had kids I had no idea how thoroughly disgusting they could be. That's probably why God made them so dang cute when they're young and snot-filled.
That poor old women deserves a rain coat!:) Before I walk out the door, I check all my "accessories" to determine which ones I may have forgotten and which I need to somehow make magically disappear: keys, purse, watch, snot streaks, rain coat, crusted-on food, Emerson, ear wax, Ida, drool, blankie, giraffe, etc. Though we all know, as illustrated so well by Isaac, that kids produce a never ending supply of snot and all the above preparedness will eventually be for nought.
Brenny said…
Oh my goodness -- I'm still wiping tears of laughter from that one! Sorry to laugh at your pain, but 'the rhinoblaster' did me in. :)
Rachel said…
That's funny! I feel bad for the lady for having to experience such a traumatic experience... but even more sympathy goes out to you having the experience continue over and over again :)
I am glad I don't shop at the same Target as you!
Sorry everyone is sick. Hope everyone is better soon!
Natalie said…
My, oh my, I feel for you! You may be in danger of being kicked out of Target forever. The horror! I'm dreading the day that Rex figures out that boys think that kind of stuff is funny, but I'm even more sad for you that your boys have the sickness that never ends. Good luck!
Welch Mom said…
Oh green is nothing, ask me about orange coming out of the nose and mouth. yes orange snot, mucus or maybe it was brain matter?
-Ang said…
EEeeewwww! You are not helping me relish the idea of having this baby boy. At least you have an excellent sense of humor to ballance out your boy's boyishness :).

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