Napping on Airplanes at Target

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true loves gave to me, 3 too many minutes at Target.

I forget why we went there in the first place, hmmm...nope, it's not coming to me.  In the process of shopping I heard a constant monotonous trio, like the buzz of a dog whistle, screeching tires, and grinding teeth being played near my elbow.  The chosen tune was one on the theme of "I want to go to the toy section!" repeated several times having lost track of the coda.  The key changed from C# major to B minor so fast that they overlapped in several measures creating such dissonance that I had to run to another aisle for relief.  Oh, it just came to me, shoes for the boys, that's why we went.  And the parents won, we did NOT go to the toy section as that would only have proven that we are like Pavlov's dogs and all they would need to do is sing that awful chorus on any future trip to Target to have their wishes met.

On the 4th day of Christmas my true loves gave to me, 4 paper airplanes parked in our tree.


The new source of entertainment is throwing paper airplanes into the Christmas tree to see if they will stick.  They do.  Who needs to waste money on breakable glass ornaments when the sturdy origami inspired paper cranes and airplanes are just as beautiful?

On the 5th day of Christmas my true loves gave to me, 5 minutes to nap. 

IMG_1743 [800x600]

Early this morning Isaac had surgery on his eyebrow to get a cyst removed.  It was so sad to watch him be wheeled out of the waiting room and into the torture chamber as I'm sure he saw it.  The surgery was quick but he was quite disoriented and upset when he came out of the anesthesia.  He reached up to feel the patch on his eye and was quite upset to learn that his bump had been removed.  In the saddest cry ever he said "I want my bump back!"  He does not like change and for that matter neither do I, unless it's moving the furniture around, right Chris?  Oh and those 5 minutes of napping came right before the boys burst through the front door returning from school, I'm beat!


Melisa said…
You deserve to go to bed early and sleep in!
Natalie said…
I love this title, and I loved your family's Christmas card that I received today. You are the best writer I know; will you please write a book? We loved the glitter (that's our medium of choice around here) and Amber instisted on putting that adorable picture on our fridge. I hope Isaac gets feeling better soon...does he at least like the idea of having an eye patch like a pirate? If I'm ever rich, I'm going to book you a week at a spa on the top of a mountain in Switzerland (I'll have to go, too). Doesn't some R and R sound wonderful?
Brenny said…
Poor kiddo! I hope Issac feels better soon. I am very impressed that you fought the urge to give in to the toy section whine. I'm afraid I'd long be conditioned to 'salivate' when they started chanting.
mommymuse said…
I changed my mind about having our kids get together sometime. I think your kids would give my kids too many ideas. ;)
Poor Isaac, and poor Mom! I can't imagine having a little one "go under" for surgery. I think you both need to eat some ice cream right out of the carton. That is better then a bowl and has more healing power. It always works.
Our tree is having a similar problem, but it involves being abused by stuffed animals. Thanks so much for the paper airplane idea! We'll try it tomorrow.
Oh, I'm so glad everything went well! Just use a little black marker and color his patch black and he can become a pirate! Arrrrr.....I LOVE these posts you have been doing. So fun!

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