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One Night with the King


We made the mistake of signing up for Netflix in order to save money going to and from the video store and paying high prices, and it has saved us money, only the mistake lay in the fact that I am now addicted to it!  I started off this morning folding cloths and because conversation with wrinkly shirts and jeans can be somewhat singular, I decided a little distraction was in order.  I ran across this one as I went down the list and remembered wanting to see it but I think it left the theater before I had a chance.  I had no idea at the time what a fabulous film I had missed.  I loved it and would recommend it to anyone of any faith.  By the way, don't watch this while folding your cloths because all you'll get is a big pile of very wrinkly shirts and jeans.

Messiah cd

As long as I'm recommending some favorites, I might as well mention my new favorite version of the Handel's Messiah.  This is the one that gets me the most teary eyed and encourages the most awe inspired goose bumps ever!  This is the Sixteen Choir and Orchestra performance, one that Chris got me 2 Christmas's ago which he got per the recommendation of our good friends, the Wells, thank you all for the hours of musical enjoyment.


Melisa said…
That is so funny! I totally use my Blockbuster movies to fold laundry with too!
Jayne said…
I just listened to a bunch of The 16's songs on iTunes. They're REALLY good!! Hannah was trying to sing along with MoTab the other day and she was saying jibberish because she thought that's what they were saying. (Not saying that I don't like their music.) I think I just like smaller groups for some songs.
We are Netflix addicts too! Thanks for the recommendations!
Brenny said…
Netflix sounds like something I'd enjoy, or be obsessed with. I already bog down my library reservations with movies.

And I'm going to add your recommendation right now...

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