Monday, December 1, 2008



Well, we done it, we done gone and purchased an American car, a 2003 Chevy Impala!  The Muffler Man in Lansing would be proud!  I think I should call and let them know that we don't only buy Korean and Japanese cars.  It seemed that every time I went in for an oil change they'd darkly tease me about my "derned for'n cars."  And I'd have to remind them every time that it was the lovely Dodge Grand Caravan that had it's computer die (which is like going into cardiac arrest for a modern car and to the point that we had to buy it a new ticker), along with some other minor problems, it was also this vehicle that had it's breaks go out on me while going down hill.  Alas, we have chosen to buy American again and hope by doing so some Michigan wounds might be healed and that our faith in American vehicles might be renewed. 

The funny thing about this car is that it's an Impala and I can't think of this car without remembering one of my favorite recorded voicemails.  Check out the following link:  Mother goose in an Impala.

Supposedly, in this car's other life, it was a cop car.  So on the outside it looks rather foreboding but on the inside it's one smooth ride.  So, finally Chris can give his parent's car back to them.  Thank you guys so much for the use of your vehicles in our time of one-car-edness (monoautomus). 


Natalie said...

We are in a state of monoautonomus and I'm so excited for the day we can procure auto numero dos. I love Impalas (despite their American origins...I've had bad luck with domestic vehicles, too) and now you can join the ranks of the Slowest Driver in Lansing (didn't he have an ex-cop car, too?). Perhaps your purchase will lift the American auto industry from its slump. :)

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

That audio clip is so freakin funny! I've heard it a few times, and everytime it cracks me up.

Enjoy your new car. :)

Melisa said...

Congrats on the car! I'm hoping my foreign car can make it here in MI without getting its tires slashed. :)

Your list was fun. Aren't you quite the accomplished woman. ;)

Brenny said...

Sweet! You are totally going to be the car that every other car hits its breaks for because they think you are a cop car. Brilliant.

Loved the clip.

The Fraker's Acres said...

I must say that I will NOT tell the Trooper that it has offically been replaced. "Bud" is still dealing with some abandonment issues. The very responsible, yet adventurous, adult male in our house has tried to drown his sorrow with some off roading. We, well, the adult male thinks it's working! I still couldn't tell you who likes off roading more, "Bud" or the adult male. Thanks SO much! And may your Impala live long and prosper with good tickers and reliable breaks!

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