" "Mit-mas" all the way!"

I didn't manage to finish the 3 remaining days of Christmas in my blog updates because those last 3 days were so full of my true loves and a plethora of gifts ranging from school projects with photos and poetry to very focused and accurate sneezes in my face, thank you Isaac. My parents came into town and with them a whirlwind of great times and little of it was spent at the computer other than for weather reports followed by "oooo"s and "ahhhh"s as we tallied the upcoming snow fall.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Christmas Eve-Eve at the Jensen's:

IMG_1842 [800x600]

Here we were given the treat of listening to my cousin Tessa's very talented and in-tune Chamber Choir sing carols. Jodi made a very delicious Hungarian Goulash served with yummy breads. The little people (not the green ones) wore and did their best at portraying Mary, Joseph, angels and shepherds. I don't think the wise men made the cut. The best part was where the twin two year old shepherdesses, Gabby and Brooklyn kept trading scripts while burbling in confidential whispers back and forth which I can only imagine was in the original tongue. Gifts were exchanged, more carols sung, and to top it off, Tessa's preference date came over and serenaded in so many melodic words a "yes" to her dance proposal. Very romantic, and once more in tune as he was a part of that in-tune choir (can one tell intonation is an important part of my aural well being?).

Christmas Eve at home:

IMG_1890 [800x600]

We did some shameful last minute Christmas shopping during the day. That night we ate the yummiest dinner of Reuben sandwiches inspired by a sandwich my mom ordered at that "oh-so-authentic" Amish restaurant where Reed's "made in china" Amish hat was purchased. We made the traditional batch of the best popcorn balls in the world and ate most of them. Reed placed 3 sugar cookies on a plate for Santa and then all three of the boys, dressed in their new pajamas headed for bed but not before Douglas got a headbutt and bloody nose from Isaac. The blood actually went well with his new dinosaur p.j.s.

Christmas Day:

IMG_1920 [800x600]

Spoiled. Yes, we were all spoiled and are all very grateful for how giving and kind our family and friends are. I was actually the first one up but that was primarily an on guard duty responsibility. It is a tradition in my family, not Chris', that all the kids come up together Christmas morning after mom and dad have gotten up and showered. Sorry, but some traditions die hard. It wasn't needed as everyone amazingly slept in. The greatest gifts for me were my new and unscratched A&E Pride and Prejudice DVDs and a bug zapper, which my parents felt compelled to buy after report of this summer's fly problem. I can hardly wait to electrocute a few unsuspecting flies, "it's just so beautiful."

Erin, Bill and their gang came over and we finished off the popcorn balls and sugar cookies for breakfast. We had some more substantial foods but it's the sweets that are mostly memorable, not because of their yummy goodness but because I felt a little sick and bloated for the rest of the day. I didn't let it bother me too much because I knew I'd have all of tomorrow to think about it. Scarlet O'Hara really had a great method for dealing with regret.

IMG_1928 [800x600] IMG_1929 [800x600]

Douglas reading the note Santa left next to the plate of cookie crumbs. I offered the boys the crumbs with Rudolf's germs on them and they were grossed out. I guess they won't be the "I'll worship the ground you walk on" kind of guys.

IMG_1937 [800x600] IMG_1966 [800x600]IMG_1978 [800x600] IMG_1971 [800x600]

Stacking up the loot.


Purhaps Isaac was "encouraging" Douglas to find his Rudolph side, but seeing as none of the boys worship neither that poor reindeer with a serious nose problem nor his germs, poor Douglas just got "brotherly love" beat up! It looks likes and sounds like you had a jolly, jolly Christmas with wonderful people!
Melisa said…
My parents always did the dress up nativity thing too! And I thought every one did the "wait until everyone is awake to open presents" method. No? I'm living in a sheltered world.
Brenny said…
So great! And I'm glad we weren't the only family that got tortured while the parents got dressed Christmas morning.

Man, another bloody nose for Douglas. Can air traffic control get on that?

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