8 Asymmetrical Snowballs

On the 8th day of December my true loves gave to me, 8 asymmetrical snowballs.


These snow balls came flying like incorrectly thrown footballs, or flying saucers that have lost their beryllium spheres.  Of course times were great while the balls were thrown at the house, that is until someone threw one in the back door, surprising mommy in a not so pleasing manner.  Voices (or voice) were raised, some fairly stringent rules, having to do with proper aiming (never a lesson fully learned by those carrying the Y chromosome) were decreed, proper door closing methods were re-explained, and  the "all ways are my ways" clause was reactivated and put into full and very active service.


Jayne said…
You are so poetic. I loved 'all ways are my ways.' I find sometimes that I just want to say: "You have to do what I say because I'm the mommy!"
Brenny said…
Love it! We must all obey the 'Mom'.

And I suddenly want to watch Galaxy Quest. Beryllium Sphere indeed.
StevenBecky said…
Oh Boys and Snow Balls. So much fun!
You are such a creative blogger! Thanks for the continuous entertainment!

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