1st & 2nd days of Christmas

I have decided to change from the days of December to the days of Christmas because holidays are more interesting than months and because I was having a hard time thinking of anything the boys had given me that would get any higher in number than 13.  So....


On the first day of Christmas my true loves gave to me, 1 zebra named Marty.

This zebra lives in the wild back seats of the minivan 2 chicken McNuggets down from the petrified fry forest, and across the aisle that overlooks the sea of Sprite.  Long ago, Marty (character in the movies Madagascar and Madagascar 2) was a gift that came with one of my boys Macdonald's kids meals.  He has a little switch that, when on, will allow Marty to speak if jarred by any motion.  While driving alone or with Isaac I get to hear his most famous lines which include "This place is Crack-a-lackin'!", "You guys are crazy!", and one more phrase that, due to the nature of moistened battery powered toys, has been lost in translation.  So every time we hit a crack in the pavement, a speed bump, road kill, or a little old lady I hear Marty, voiced by Chris Rock, yapping at me in the back seat.  I swear I'm going to start yapping back or throw him out the window one of these day. 

On the second day of Christmas my true loves gave to me, 2 cuddly hours of movie watching.


It's a rare moment when we find a movie we own that mommy hasn't seen at least 5 times but tonight we found one.  Reed and Douglas had already seen it and were excited to show it to their mom.  The movie we chose was the Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brandon Frazier, one of my heart throbs in the early teenage years.  During this movie I did to the boys what I hate other people doing to me during movies, and that was constantly asking what was going to happen.  Fortunately they didn't seem to mind.  My grandma does this to me when we're watching a movie that neither of us have seen and I just have to keep repeating "this is my first time seeing it too!"  The boys thought it was funny when this huge multi-fanged fish jumped out of the water and into the boat and their mom jumped and screamed with great exuberance at the surprise.  Even at the young age of 6 their "manly" gene has begun to bud, making it more necessary to keep a straight face and a comforting arm for their ruffled mother in such times of duress.  "It's okay mom, he (the dinosaur) doesn't jump out, he (the pursued boy) just looks up at the dinosaur." 


Melisa said…
We have that toy too! And I have no idea what that third thing he says is either...
Brynn said…
We have MArty, the lion, the giraffe, and the little thing that sings I like to move it move it. On our way to and from Vegas, we ate at mc donalds with some frequency and the lion and giraffe with every bump on the would yell at each other. I couldn't figure out what it was for a couple of miles, but then I figured it out and we laughed. The kids were both asleep. It was funny.
Brenny said…
I've wanted to see that movie. I, too, was a fan of Brendan Fraiser in my youth. Anywho, great 1st and 2nd days. I love it!
-Ang said…
It's good your little guys still feel the need to protect and comfort you. Probably someday too soon they'll instead be sneaking around the couch to jump out at just the right moment to give you a heart attack instead :) -my dad always did that to me.

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