11 Chunks of Watermelon

On the 11th day of December my true loves gave to me, 11 chunks of watermelon.

Actually, I bought the watermelon and Isaac shared some with me.  It's his favorite food of all next to chocolate, actually, it might even beat that one out too.  Though it costs more this time of year it's worth it once in a while to get some fiber and vitamins into a very picky eater.

Here are a few pictures from our adventure in the wild.  "Nature!  It's everywhere!  Get it off of me!" (Melman, the hypochondriac Giraffe).  And there it is,  our lovely yet feisty tree in the arms of the guy with the long sleeves and tough hands.

IMG_1727 [800x600] IMG_1735 [800x600] IMG_1736 [800x600] IMG_1730 [800x600]


Fun stuff cutting down your own tree. Christmas should be fun this year!
Deanne said…
How are you wearing short sleeves while cutting down your Christmas tree? I'm soooo jealous! I haven't seen grass or sunshine for days! Ahh, winter in Michigan. Gotta love it...

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