Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 Referrals to Mental Health Providers

On the 10th day of December my true loves gave to me, 10 referrals to various mental health providers.


We woke up at 5:30 this morning, having spent the night at Chris' parent's house, so we could get back up here for one stinking choir rehearsal at the boy's school where they forced me to play the violin in their upcoming Christmas or "Holiday" concert.  I am having a hard time feeling or thinking very kind things about the choir director at this moment as my kids and myself are all tired and cranky from the lack of sleep. I don't know if its the lack of sleep or if it's really my kids, but I feel like the moment they walked in the door that the dark forces of snotty-ness, icky-ness, Darth Vader, the castle Grayskull, and the Blob came trotting in with them.  I didn't know all those things could fit on the bus.  They were probably magically sent home with them courtesy of the Wicked Choir Director of the West.  Grrrrrr!!! (Sorry Mrs. K, I do like you, I know I do and I'm sure this memory will be long gone after the shock therapy, hypnosis, and a few hundred miles alone with Dr. Minivan).



Melisa said...

Poor Becky. You deserve angel wings. And I need the number of some good mental health providers here. :)

Mrs. Gorbe and Mrs. Chappa said...

How exciting to catch up on Reed and Douglas:)
Tell Douglas that Emma still thinks of him but alas has found a new blondie at her new school.
I love your writing, it absolutely made me laugh and stay up WAY too late!!
You'll be happy to know no parent has been asked to play any instruments in our Winter concert, unless you'd like to fly back and play!

Natalie said...

Grayskull, huh? Wow, that must have been really bad. Did your boys start every phrase with, "By the power of Grayskull..."? I hope you get an extra dose of exaltation for your (un)willingness to play in that concert. That's pretty sweet. I'll bet a few of Reed and Douglas' friends will think you're a milf (farther down the road, though, like in sixth grade). Sorry for the potetial profanity! :)

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