Monday, November 17, 2008

The Zoo Keeper and Mr. Hyde(s)

I've been using the "big voice" way too much lately which is why this weekend's trip was so necessary.  I believe my mind is devoid of the ability to think of exciting things to do in this town.  Maybe my effort muscle has been pulled but when it comes to thinking of activities for my boys my brain starts to hurt.  So, here we are, left with 3 bored kids + 1 dull mommy = 4 people in need of evacuation, not forgetting the sanity saving variable called Chris. 

IMG_1605 [800x600]

Off we went to St. George for a 2 day break and to allow the "big voice" to recover from overuse.  Once we got there we had a wonderful time seeing most of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, my dad, Max (the dog) and Tuna (the cat).  We had a great time hiking in Snow Canyon while gathering rocks, looking for dinosaur bones and foot prints, finding the sources of all that lava rock, talking, laughing, finding proper anatomy hiding bushes and making sand angels (I would guess that every culture has a need to make these ground impression angels and has to make due with whatever materials are at hand, snow, sand, ash, or primordial sludge).  Southern Utah, and for that matter ALL of Utah is packed with geological beauties.  It's a thrill to see the uncovered remains of time worn on rocks, mountains, and valleys. 

IMG_1616 [800x600] Fossilized Grandpa, Aunt Mary, Douglas, Reed, Chris, & Isaac stuck to this wall.  Amazing their cloths are still so intact!

We had a wonderful time seeing and doing and it is always worth it while one is in the moment.  Though, I would have to say that the dude who said "Focus on the journey, not the destination," never traveled seat-belted in a mini van for more than an hour with kids!  Unkindly, I sometimes think of my kids as wild animals because what kind child would throw their chicken nugget box at your head, scream at glass shattering pitches, and never tire if picking on it's fellow travel companion?  So, the zoo keeper (apparently me) and her wild animals, after this fabulous time in St. George, finished up their travels by returning to the home that now seemed the ultimate spa.  All it took was a total of 10 hours in a minivan to realize that the 6 inch thick water tanks, the 30 foot high fences, and the gaping moat between her and the ferocious creatures on the other side (oh, and the homemade healthy food stands in the walkways), really were great ideas.  "Change" isn't always such a good idea, it's just change and who knows, it might just be from the moving torture chamber with windows and a DVD player to a seat on a high wire with a great view of 50 alligators directly below. 

IMG_1595 [800x600]

A new gratitude has been born for the mundane life at home and with the gift of time and space from the minivan, the mute button on the "big voice" will probably keep, well...I'll try.  If it wasn't for that focus on the destination, we would never leave the house.  So, thank you my dear wonderful family, you gorgeous state called Utah, and you 3 great kids that stepped out of my minivan, leaving the Mr. Hyde's locked inside while we had fun,fun,fun.  Really, the destination was worth it!  Next time, just "beam me up Scotty!"

IMG_1638 [800x600]

IMG_1653 [800x600]

A Reed-a-don!!!

IMG_1657 [800x600]

IMG_1636 [800x600] IMG_1661 [800x600] 

IMG_1644 [800x600]

IMG_1677 [800x600] Someone lost his tooth!  According to him the tooth fairy is about 8 inches tall and is dressed in purple.


mommymuse said...

Okay, that is totally worth missing our book discussion! Well, other than the ten hour trip, which I don't envy at all. Looks like the trip was a great success from all vantage points :).

Natalie said...

Fun! I'm glad you got to have a vacation and those pictures make me miss St. George. Will you teach me to mute my big voice? I need help in that department.

The Fraker's Acres said...

Your pictures make me miss St. George, and I've never been there!:) Get yourself a big Ben and Jerry's for successfully completing a 10 hour trip without using your big voice. That takes magical powers. Or maybe the tooth fairy dressed in purple left you an extra dose of will power while dropping off a surprise for your little man.
p.s. I love the name Tuna for a cat!

Deanne said...

Love your commentaries! Thanks for sharing.

Looks like you had a great time minus getting there!

Brenny said...

Beautiful area and a great place to escape. Except you had to bring the wild animals with you... Love love love the dinasour pictures.

Sean and Jeannette said...

Oh, the sun! the sun! Can you bottle sunshine from a computer screen? If so, I'm going to do it right now and throw it up in the sky here in Michigan. It just looks so beautiful!!! You are one very brave, and very cool mom to trek the many hours in a car, on a loooooong stretched out drive to the CanyonLands! Hooray! Dr. Minivan, tooooooooo the rescueeee!

-Ang said...

Ahhh -our old college stomping grounds :).
Are you super excited for Thursday "Twilight" night?!!!

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