Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sleepless in Sin-eattle

I can't sleep anymore so I'm up early with nothing to do but blog. Isaac has climbed in bed with me and had to settle right in the middle of the bed, forcing me to sleep on my side. He's a funny kid. When he starts to wake a little he'll reach over and start playing with your face until you tell him to go back to sleep.

IMG_0245 [800x600]

The other reason I'm up is because I had a sudden feeling of guilt remembering that I accidentally emailed several people the wrong link to a very funny video clip. The problem was when I copied the link it turned out to be the clip that played after it on this particular site which was filthy and now I've sent all my wonderful friends some material that will singe all their ear hairs and burn the retina in their eyes. The original and hilarious link was one I got from my friend Melisa's blog which is where I should have copied it but didn't. Now I probably have friends who will never speak to me again or at least open my most likely profane emails. Boo-hoo.

Well, I'm going to try to do something of "good report" now that I've repented of my bad report. And, it's so dark in here that this super bright monitor is blinding me, forcing me to hold on to these little notches located on the letter's F and J like a blind man holds to his walking stick while falling off a cliff.

Side note: I got a ticket to go see Twilight with my sister and 18 of her friends on the 22nd, yipeeeeeee! She's got a lot of friends! This discovery hits especially close to home right now, realizing that I probably just lost most of mine...sniff, sniff...Sorry again.


Melisa said...

Oh Becky! Did I put up the wrong link?! Oh my stars! I'm so sorry you continued something I did wrong! I had no idea! It worked when I got it from my aunt!

I totally thought of you when I put it up too because I thought I remembered you and Chris loving Star Wars. Okay, I'm going to go fix the link now.

Oh, and BTW, Daven totally did that to me this morning. I told him to quit touching me and get back to bed.

I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU OODLES! Wish I could see Twilight with you. :(

Brenny said...

I didn't see the other video, but this video is AWESOME!

and I was strangely reminded of Andy from the office and his 'Rockin Robin' ringtone...

etosamoe said...

I wouldn't worry about it, the only people likely to click on the first link are those who checked their email in the 2 minutes before the correct one was sent out. Most people got them all at the same time and recognized the correction your made.


Welch Mom said...

Oh you are not a bad person. Don't be so hard on yourself. Those who really know you will know you made a mistake!

Mommy Of 2 said...

Oh goodness, it can happen to the best of us! Happy Twilighting on the 22nd. I will be there at midnight with all the crazt teens I'm sure! I'm just as crazy though:))))

Leticia said...

OK..So sorry this happened!!
Wow...SOmetimes I get scared to post stuff and link for this reason...Have a fun time at TWILIGHT!!! I am going to go the second day too!! Can't wait!!!

Sean and Jeannette said...

I still love you! And I didn't even see the other link, so it's as if you sent me a video about Little Einsteins, or roses, or anything else lovely like that:)

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