May the Magic Thumb be with you!


The dryer repairman came today, not between 1 and 5 but, much to my great delight, at 11:00.  And just as I suspected, a repairman with access to things we mortals cannot attain, he was in possession of a magic thumb.  I will not tell you how simple the repair was because to reveal it would be a great embarrassment and would forever doom me to that class of people unable to plug in something so simple as a hair dryer.  Truly, it wasn't that simple, but that magic thumb ought to be referred to the "trouble shooting" department at GE when they decide to rewrite the manual.   Since his repair took all of 2 seconds, I referred him to the maintenance of the washing machine which, for a good while now has smelled of some living organism akin to the one eyed water creature on the planet Dagobah in Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back.  After retrieving 5 pennies, a screw, 2 bobby pins, and some other mucky looking stuff, he flushed the whole thing with some sort of washing machine laxative thereby draining it of all impurities making it suitable for sanitizing all future pennies and screws.

 vote today

The car is still functioning and I was able to vote with little incident other than having to suffer with Isaac who had a case of boredom which symptoms were displayed in the need to run all around the gym, which had been dressed up as a voting station.  As I tried to keep an eye on him it may have appeared that I was trying to see who the guy next to me was voting for.  Not that I cared, but with those little walls there I felt the same feeling of guilt one might have while cheating on a test.  So, in order not to seem a voting cheater, I tried to voice my son's name a little louder while standing on my tippy toes in an I'm-not-looking-over-your-partition kind of way, rather above and beyond toward the great spectrum of the gym.  He didn't tell on me and I was able to exit the gym as a proud member of this free country bedecked with a sticker proclaiming that I voted.


kimhumpherys said…
Yes, the washer smells..mine always smells..and my washer guy sold me something to cleanse it with, which in reality once i read my manual, states that something as simple as vinegar or bleach would do the same thing. just running a regular cycle using one of the above will get rid of funny smells that acquire!
Melisa said…
You don't know how much you love a washer and dryer until the break. Glad yours got resuscitated. :)
Brenny said…
The same thing happened when I voted.! Only I wasn't looking for a kid, I was listening to someone else's instructions that I hadn't been given. I swear the lady helping and the lady voting looked at me with disappointment. I totally felt like I was cheating.

Glad the dryer got fixed and where exactly can we get this magic washing machine laxative? Sounds fabulous.
Karyn said…
It is me, Karyn Carter Johnson who commented. I found your blog from either Kim or Lindsay's I think. Fun stuff. Congrats on your hubby becoming a lawyer. My hubby is from the Ogden area, South Weber to be exact. Looks like you are doing good.
-Ang said…
Hey Girl!
I'm glad things are refunctioning again and that it was only a short test in your motherhood book of life :>.
I'm sure I've told you already, but you seriously crack me up! Anytime my funny bone needs tickling I know all I have to do is visit "Don't hit your brother!".
Have you serioulsy considered writing? I'd buy all your books :>.
-Angela Groke
P.S. Relieving news about Prop 8 in Cali -eh? Whew!
Julie Moore said…
HAHA! You're an amazing writer! Crazy good! I laughed through the whole post! We've had a few "too easy" repairs, too. Kinda makes ya feel like stickin' your head in the sand, huh? Been there :-). So fun to catch up on your famiy adventures. Jules

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