I t'ought I t'aw a Twighty Tat! I did, I did!

twilight ticket 1

With all the giddiness that I thought only possessed by 13 year old girls, I went to see the movie Twilight.  My mom and I met Erin and several of her friends at the theater Saturday morning.  The theater was packed with women and only 12 men, one of which sat by me with his wife.  Having read the book several times, I had certain expectations that I knew could not be completely met in 2 hours (Dear Ms. Hardwick, I would gladly sit for 6 hours in order to get every tidbit of the book as long as you give me a couple of potty breaks).  When you've read the book and then you see it on film it's hard not to constantly compare the two.  I find that I get distracted and am thinking too hard and am not sure if I'm getting the full effect intended by the movie makers.   So, as a movie I was curious what a non reader of the book thought.  Thankfully, that man I was sitting next to was such a subject.  I asked and he said in his lowest voice, "I thought it was great.  I really liked it", (men are so full of all those little exciting details we crave, not). So there it is.  I have to echo his simple opinion with a small amendment which goes like this:  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS MOVIE AND I'M GOING TO GO SEE IT AGAIN, AND, AND, AND (I think I'm hyperventilating)...Go see it if you haven't.  Read it if you haven't. And call me if you need to talk about it.  I had an awesome conversation on the phone with my bud Melisa who is in Michigan.  New Moon is officially on its way to becoming a movie, so, just another thing to obsess over for however long it takes to finish it.  Get to work guys, quickly!


Melisa said…
Love you! Hope we can chat again soon. I wonder what I'll think about it when I watch it again. :)
Jayne said…
I was unfortunately disappointed in the movie for two reasons: it was obviously a low budget film (major bummer because it had so much potential) and secondly it left out some of my favorite parts (a must since it's a 2 hr movie...but still sad). I was also a little disappointed in Edward's performance. You could tell he is an unpolished actor and still new to things. Overall, I did like it but just not as much as I was hoping.
Natalie said…
You've almost convinced me! I just may pick up the first installment one of these days. :)
The Earls said…
I did enjoy it too. I wish other things were in it as well, and I also agree with Jayne that Edward could have done a bit better. He's not my ideal cute guy and he could use a little work on his expressions. I would love to see this movie again minus the obsessed teenage fans in the audience. I saw it opening night and there was a lot of swooning, cheering, ooohing, and awwing. You'd think that Edward was really in the theater! It sounds like I'm complaining, sorry. I really did enjoy it.
-Ang said…
I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! My first impressions were the same as Jayne's, but I saw it a second time already (this time with my hubby Steve -he read them) and we both loved it. Expectations weren't as high the second time around, so I could just enjoy it for what it was. Hooray -New Moon is on it's way! I just hope they get better and better with each film.

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