"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." William Shakespeare

"Stolen kisses require an accomplice."

the kiss sailor

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves."  ~Albert Einstein

Evening session in Dr. Minivan

Reed:  When you get married you kiss?  And then you can hug?

Mommy:  Yep. (keep the answers simple)

Douglas:  Well, I'm going to be doing a lot of kissing in my life.

I fear I have the 6 year old version of Casanova reincarnated in my son Douglas.  Having simultaneously had 3 girlfriends in Kindergarten and now at least one that I know of, I can hardly wait till he discovers that girls are plagued with cooties.  Fortunately, it's usually the girls decreeing him their's and the affection is always quite innocently displayed in chasing each other and giving hugs.

Reed asked me what cooties were after I told him to cover his mouth the next time he sneezed in my direction.  It was kind of hard to say as the picture of those cute plastic bugs popped into my head.


I resorted to comparing them to germs that don't make you sick and that girls have them if you're a boy and that boys have them if you're a girl.  I confused him and luckily he lost interest before I could expound any further.  In Reed I believe I am quite safe as he already wipes off my kisses in a habitual manner.  In fact I challenge him not to wipe them off and he smiles and cannot resist it.  Douglas once reminded him that you can't wipe off a kiss, even if it's wet "because the spit is just the shell of the kiss."


Melisa said…
Seriously! I loved that game!
Jayne said…
I liked your quotes. Do you have those memorized or is there a handy 'book of love' sitting next to your computer keyboard?
Natalie said…
Darling! Can Amber marry Douglas? He cracks me up.
Brenny said…
Awesome. All I can say is you will have your hands full with those darling boys, especially if the girls are already chasing them...
mommymuse said…
I tell my kids that mommy kisses can't be wiped off because they soak in too fast. Your boys are so cute!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Haha, that is hilarious! At least it is a boy saying that instead of a girl. If my girls said that I would be crying!
Your blog has become my Parenting 101 class. I hope you don't charge, though you could because you come up with some seriously clever responses to your creative children's questions!:) But please don't charge, that was just a thought not a suggestion. Cooties...I will remember that...and "keep the answers simple," got it! Keep the lessons coming, I only have a few more years before I hit the "girlfriend" stage and I am hoping to get through it without fainting or rocking in the fetal postion!:)

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