I Love Lucy!

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Erin and I paid a visit to our newest niece while Chris watched her 4 girls and our 3 boys, 7 children under the age of 6, yikes! But, thank you my love for giving us the time to see this adorable little girl.

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I made her cry, somehow and found that moment to be the opportune time to hand her back to her dad and take some pictures. Lucy's mom wouldn't let me take any pictures of herself and I had the feeling that I'd end up with a fork in my eye if I tried.

IMG_1680 [800x600]

IMG_1682 [800x600]

Aunt Erin has the magic to stop crying babies mid tear and put them right back to sleep.


Jayne said…
Little Jared is all grown up. How many kids is this now? What is her middle name? She's a cutie! (By the way, she smelled 'boy' on you and that's why she cried. j/k)
Melisa said…
Awwww, what an angel!
Brenny said…
Such a sweet little girl!
Johnson Family said…
What a cute new niece!! I'm so glad she made it and things are good.
She is SO cute! Whenever I see adorable little babies like her I want to have 10 more myself. But, then I remember how tired I get from having two......maybe we'll wait!:) It is so fun when other people have babies!:)
Mommy Of 2 said…
So cute, Hey does Erin have a blog? love to KIT with her too!
Kate said…
She is darling. Glad she is here and all is well. Pass on the congrats to the lucky family!
What a sweet baby! So funny that I was adoring a brand new baby at the same time with your mom and grandma! Tell Jared and Rhiannon congrats and she is so cute!

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