Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy, Costumes, and Cavities

IMG_1572 Here we have Reed, Isaac, Douglas, Alyssa, Chandler, Dantzel, Austyn, Preston, Brooklyn, Gabriella, and the one adult with the ability to keep all mobile creatures at bay for 1 second, Erin the Great.

This was the only picture where everyone was actually standing where they should. Who cares if nobody is actually looking in the right direction, it's the position that counts. It makes me wonder if those older black and white photos from the 1800s and early 1900s where nobody is smiling, if it wasn't really the bad teeth but rather the inability to focus, stay still, and smile at the same time. Actually, I think the no smiling thing was a habit from when people had to sit for hours and hours while an artist painted their likenesses but never got over the habit of not smiling, forgetting that the picture only took a few seconds and that their cheeks wouldn't kill after just a minute of smiling. This I-don't-have-to-frown-in-my-picture realization probably didn't occur to the sitter until maybe the 1950's when the photographer could drop the paint brush, pick up the camera and holler the words "smile", "say cheese", or "say Beach Blanket Bingo!", and who couldn't smile after saying something as stupid as that?

IMG_1554 IMG_1556

IMG_1563 IMG_1565 [800x600]

Here are a few of the trick or treaters willing to stay still for a photo. We have Bell, a Power Ranger (I think), Alice, and a boppin' 50s girl all just dying to get out and start begging for future trips to the dentist, I mean candy.


Mommy Of 2 said...

Looks like Halloween was great for you guys! Hey it is amazing that we get any pictures of the kids at all. They looked cute!

Jason Lanier said...

Gee, I have a hard time getting three in one photo. That is pretty amazing to get that many kids in one picture!

ps-I used Jason's blogger so you can see pics of your halloween

The Hoyal Family said...

Happy Halloween! What a cute bunch of kids!

Melisa said...

Are all of those kids related to you or friends of the family? Super cute!

The Fraker's Acres said...

I love the contemplating Spiderman in the first picture. "Are we done?" or "Where's the candy?" or "If I shoot a spiderweb on those kids will they stand still for one second to take the 24th picture?" CUTE!!

Karyn said...

How fun to have cousins together. Erin looks exactly the same as she did (what was it 15 years ago in Upland?)

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