Trunk or Treat: final rehearsal for the Big Night coming this Friday!

 IMG_1488 [800x600] Douglas loved mommy's artwork on his face, Reed really wanted some candy but there was no mouth hole on his mask and Isaac was ready to fly the instant I finished putting him in his macabre bat number.  Our ward's trunk-or-treat party was this last Saturday and the boys were more than willing to test out their costumes.  I have been shot at, webbed, and flown at several times since.  They don't seem to be able to get out of character. 

IMG_1492 [800x600] IMG_1518 [800x600] IMG_1522

IMG_1520 [800x600] IMG_1530 [800x600]


Welch Mom said…
Love the stealth mode in the last pic!
The ladies aren't going to get enough of Reed! Handsome little man! Mental note: a Spiderman mask will help prevent cavities, too funny!
p.s. Does Douglas "keep the monsters out?" Emerson wanted to know and might be sending airfare to recruite Douglas into battling our nighttime foes.
Brenny said…
The last picture totally made me giggle. Too funny.
Brynn said…
That bottom picture of Reed is so handsome! What cute boys! And our ward didn't have a trunk or treat. Lame. It was fun seeing you last week! Hooray for swearing in!
Your boys look so cute. You should sleep well at night with all those super heroes around!
Congrats to Chris on being sworn in! How exciting!
Natalie said…
What cute boys! I mean, studly, manly, awesome boys (Amber just informed me that boys "are NOT cute; girls are cute and boys are handsome!") you have. I love their costumes and think the US government should hire you to paint all the camo on soldiers' faces. I'm totally impressed and glad the practice run went well.
What cute little tricker-treaters! You go mom!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Cool costumes. We have our party tomorrow on HAlloween. Let the crazy kid chasing night begin!!!
So cute! You'll have to tell Douglas that almost didn't "see" him in his camo-gear standing up against the garage door! :) They are just too darn cute!

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