Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"A truly dizzying intellect"

Perspective: a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface.

"From a dog's point of view his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog." -Mabel L. Robinson

"No wonder I'm dizzy, the world keeps spinning in circles."

Yesterday, while trying to get Isaac ready to go somewhere he decided to play the turn-in-circles-till-your-dizzy-and-fall-down game. I remember being able to do that when I was younger but somehow my vomit reflex kicked in at about age 24 and even a friendly looking teacup began to look like a future trip to the toilet, handle and all. Being at the carefree age of 3, Isaac has not yet acquired this spinning gag reflex dilemma. His greatest dilemmas or concerns would be maintaining garage door opening and closing privileges, recovering flown paper airplanes, wondering who's going to pull the sword out of the stone, and who's going to sit with him till he falls asleep at night. So, I could understand why he has not yet grasped the philosophical concept of seeing things from another's point of view. "But it's so fun when I can wipe my snotty nose on your pants. Don't you think it's fun?...No?...Here, let me do it again, maybe this time you'll see how fun it is..." At least when he sees that I'm moaning and my eyes are starting to water from a good Isaac head butting, he will always offer to kiss it better.

IMG_1429 [800x600]

"I'm not wet, you're just extremely dry."

So, anyway, having not yet grasped the idea of another's point of view or perspective, he thought that as he finally lost balance during his spinning game, being plagued with a great case of dizziness, that we'd also be there experiencing his view of the world. While sitting in an unbalanced pose and pointing all around him, he asked "Do you see that? Do you see that?" In case we weren't paying any attention I guess he had to ask us if we too saw the earth tipping at a 45 degree angle while spinning to the right. I think he really believed that we were all living in a would absent of a perspective strengthening agent called V8 (in case you don't know what I'm talking about, that's a referrence to the old V8 commercials where they are all walking sideways because they didn't have their V8).


Sitterud Family said...

Yikes that is alot of snow! Your posts are always so funny! So since your blog title is 'Don't hit your brother' I was thinking that maybe you had some advice on stopping kids from hitting?? I need help!

The Hoyal Family said...

I really want to meet this little guy!

You sure have a lot of snow up there! It is upper 80 degrees here today. We may have to vote on what marriage means here, but at least we have nice weather!

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