Taking Oaths


Finally, five months after graduation and a bar exam Chris has been sworn in and is officially a Lawyer.  About time is all I have to say.  But doesn't he look so cute in a suit while signing that yellow paper?  I didn't get a picture of him with his hand up and swearing to do something legal, but I got plenty of it while we were stuck in traffic trying to get there on time.  No wait, that was me.  Yes, we were late because of one itty bitty accident and the need for all to slow down, turn, and look.  We are just glad that Chris is a Williams (bottom of the alphabet) and not an Anderson. 


Johnson Family said…
Yeah!! Congrats Chris!!
Natalie said…
Hooray! I am so looking forward to that day (sometime in May, I think) when Adam will be sworn in, that is, of course, if he passes the bar. There is something awesome about seeing your husband in a suit, exercising his magnificent knowledge of all things legal, huh? I love it. I also love that you were swearing in the traffic; the one thing I hate most about Utah is the accident-observation-while-driving characteristic of pretty much everyone on the road. I'm sure in circumstances like that, a "W" last name is uber helpful. I'm glad you made it!
Brenny said…
Way to go Mr. Chris Williams!!! Did that sound Lawyerie? We are happy for you.

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