Star Trek: the next, next, next Generation

new star trek

I pretty much crossed over when I said "I do" to Chris.  Like me, he too accepted all things Becky, including P & P, Twilight, Mozart, a love for traveling and the ocean. I have to admit, ever since I became a fan of warp speed, I actually pay attention or perk up when words like Captain Kirk, Spock, food simulator, the Borg, Kahn, and the Delta Quadrant come into conversations.

So, here comes a new and, as far as attractive cast goes, improved Star Trek!  Yes, William Shatner had his attractions, I suppose, but this guy Chris Pine, will be awesome.  Enough said, and Isaac is yelling at me, so just click on my "star trek" link to see the current trailer.


mommymuse said…
You guys are so funny! I have to admit to far more of an affinity for ST than for P & P or anything Jane Austen-ish ;). I still have a massive crush on Jean Luc Picard, so this new cast looks too 'high school musical' for my tastes, but I'll reserve judgment until I see it. PS--I think the boys need a night at their grandparents' house while you come talk books w/us--it's worth a sleepover!
mommymuse said…
Youch! Now I'm going to be deeply troubled by the thought that my anti-JA prejudice could be just pure orneriness...probably so, sigh. Although, truthfully, I do find myself wanting to reach through the pages and punch those stupid girls--and guys--who can't just TALK their problems out. A little honest communication would go oh-so-far.Maybe I relate better to ST b/c they occasionally just shoot things or hit stuff instead of nobly and silently stuffing their feelings. Geez, this is making me sound somewhat lacking in estrogen and more like the average male. Traitor to my gender, that's me.
Julie said…
I have to agree with "mommymuse", you can't do much better than Jean Luc, and the new cast does look very young. Would I be able to take them seriously I wonder? On the other hand maybe a whole new generation will soon discover the joys of being a trekie!
Brenny said…
I've been looking ast some of the new pictures, too, and I have to say the new look and cast of Star Trek kind of geeks me out. While I'm not a die hard "seen every episode of every derivation of Star Trek," I'm still excited to see the movie.

And Jean Luc Picard was my favorite Enterprise Captain, too.
Jayne said…
You've converted to the dark side! j/k

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