Rise and Shine!

Morning Light

This morning Isaac came into the living room to show me what he had in his hand. He opened them up and he looked and saw that there was nothing there. Being somewhat baffled, he said, "I'll go get some more."  I was curious to see if he was getting into something he wasn't supposed to get into, like the Lysol disinfectant spray that ended up sanitizing my entire bedroom, bed, dressers and floor last week, which still smells great by the way. So I quietly followed and there he was, standing in the sun beams of the morning light coming through my bedroom window collecting, with both hands, the dust particles in the air.  It was one of the cutest things ever! What a beautiful mind.


Brenny said…
That is awesome! What a sweet boy.
Jayne said…
What a cute boy! By the way, your blog was my access to the trailer release last night. :-) It made a happy gal!
Welch Mom said…
Love that story. I love the way they think.
Alison B said…
that is soooo cute!!!! i love kids.
Natalie said…
That really is adorable; I got chills and a huge smile when I read it. He is darling!
Seriously, I had to fight back tears when I read this post. What a sweet moment to share with him.
I've told this cute little story to my madre. Maybe that's why they call little kids "sunbeams"...they like to catch them!

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