Blog in need of some pizzazz!

Help...I really haven't exerted too much effort in making my blog layout look interesting. In my attempt today, I seem to have a problem with getting my all my ducks in a row, or at least in the designated box.  If there is anyone out there who knows of a SIMPLE source for fun or at least interesting blog templates let me know.  It would even be fun to make my own, but that may require taking a graphic design class for which I am not currently in the market for.  By the way, Jeannette, I love your title for yours, sooo cute!


Melisa said…
I just use Pyzam. I've been happy with it. But my blog isn't all fancy, scrapbooking cute looking either...
Jayne said…
I'm actually a fan of plain blogs. The overly swirly blogs give me a headache to read.
It took me a year and a half to venture into the world of blog templates. But when I did, I found some really cute ones at
Good luck!
Natalie said…
Google "Cutest Blog on the Block"; they have darling layouts. Also, I'll email you some really easy instructions to make your own background. It's really simple (I'll try to remember, I mean, since I seem to be loosing my mind at a more rapid rate these days). I wouldn't worry about blog pizzaz, though, because your words are marvelous!

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