Beans and a whole lot of Blockage

***warning, this is a long one, sorry, my kids are in bed and Chris is out of town.  It's either blog, read, eat, sleep, or clean, ick!***

IMG_1380 [800x600]

Thanks to the discovery of some wooden blocks, I have experienced 2 more minutes of peace to my day, which is more than the Pre-Blockian era would have allowed.  Many cities, architectural masterpieces, and battle zones have been created from this 100 piece multicolored shape collection, but with creation also comes destruction.  Isn't the saying "all things tend toward entropy?"  Or, was that something I once saw cross stitched on a mangled pillow?   Thus the explanation for the existence of towering creatures like Godzilla, King Kong, Tyrannosaurus Rex, the missile, the Isaac, and of course the very powerful element, Wind, coupled with his brother, Spit.

After going to the park and having to leave early due to Isaac spitting a mouthful of water on a perfectly nice toddler whose parents probably were wondering if they should get their kid tested for rabies, we decided to go home before numbers could be exchanged or arrangements made for a specific court date.  I can't take the kid anywhere anymore!  Once we got home and I did my best to feed them a 4 square or 3 triangle meal, Douglas pulled out the blocks. At the time, he was the only one free from the table after finishing his meal of beans, zucchini, and stuffing (the only requirement for table excuse was one spoonful of beans before which I explained all of the dietary advantages with a side note from Douglas who pointed out that gas would inevitably follow).  Isaac and Reed were stuck on the side lines with their beans, watching, as Douglas created a city.  This was quite a city and a reflection of Douglas' experiences from the last few months.  Included were the following:  grocery store, church, planetarium, dinosaur museum, library, lighthouse, temple, haunted house, the White House, and my favorite, a Cabella's (or "fish place").  There was construction on an Eiffel tower but due to an unseasonable amount of spit and wind, plans were halted. 

IMG_1384 [800x600] IMG_1387 [800x600] IMG_1391 [800x600] IMG_1389 [800x600] IMG_1392 [800x600] IMG_1393 [800x600] IMG_1394 [800x600]IMG_1386 [800x600]

You can see poor Reed sitting at the table with his beans, mean mommy, or so I've heard, this evening in fact.

Yes, the city was a wonderful thing and Douglas asked that nobody knock it down. Hah!  After explaining that Isaac would eventually take a bite of his beans, and be freed from the table, Douglas realized that keeping such a thriving city alive would be near impossible.  The chances survival were probably 1 in 100 and knowing that such a creature, owning Isaac's foot size, would be fee-fi-fo-ing about (the little man is only 3 and wears almost an 11!) put it closer to 1 in 1000.  For whatever psychological battle that goes on in Douglas' mind, he reasoned it would be best if he destroyed his city rather than leaving it to the unfeeling foot of a shod Isaac.  The destruction wasn't fueled by the dangerous attitude that goes with a mother's favorite saying "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it", but more of a resigned understanding the owner of an old and beloved cat named "Claw" has while taking it on it's final trip to the vet.  After the moment of realization that he must be the one to do it, with as much enthusiasm as possible, and that's a lot, he simulated an earthquake and it all came tumbling down in a cloud of blue, red, yellow and brown. No need to worry, the blockages have been cleared for traffic and the beans are claiming no involvement in this particular incident.

IMG_1381 [800x600] 

This is an Isaac,just imagine!

Reed and Isaac were eventually freed from the table, having digested the nasty little members of the legume family, genus Phaseolus. I really shouldn't have been the table ogress that I was, having been famous at my childhood dinner table for refusing to eat that mushy grainy brown mess on my plate.  But, as you get older I suppose your tastebuds fail, or the doctor's advice to eat more fiber starts to work, or maybe you just think the little beans need another chance, food sympathy ("No, eat me over here, you always eat her first!"  Needless to say, I can eat them now, but I don't go into it blindly and I do, as should we all, warn those around me of the dangers taken by eating such a nasty little food.

***Caution:  do not step on said blocks with bare feet, and should you see one spontaneously being launched in your direction, catch or duck quickly, keeping lips tightly closed protecting the teeth you wish to keep as we do not cover dental work.***


Raena Johnson said…
Becky, love that you found (and remember) me! Your blog is awesome! I am inspired to write more detailed happenings about my kids. Very funny too!!!!
Shannon Coker said…
Becky, I have to tell you that I love to read your blog! You are so funny, and creative with your writing and I love the pictures! You do an awesome job! Thanks!
etosamoe said…
I had a totally different mental picture of the type of "blockage" you had in mind. Imagine my relief when I saw that the pictures were merely building blocks!

Another Good post sweetie. XOXOXO
Do not read this blog while eating ice cream or anything creamy or anything for that matter...choking may occur from hysterical laughter!
Melisa said…
That looks so fun!! A whole city!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Looks like the boys had fun with the blocks and so cool it actually stands:) You found the last twilight trailer countdown too, cool huh, I didn't even know until yesterday, I was stoked!!!

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