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The Family Reunion

IMG_0553 [800x600]

Mike, Melissa, Lacey and Jake

Alas, the Humphrey Family reunion! Eight years ago Chris brought me to his family reunion while we were still dating.  At the moment I sampled the family's mutton and scones, I knew I must be a part of this family! Delicious-ness! Besides the food, it's always nice to see familiar faces and catch up on what goes on outside of our own little family world. I still don't know half of his relatives but when your spouse is related to more than half of Emery county there is a certain challenge when it comes to introductions. "Hello, may I introduce you to Castledale, this is Orangeville and the tall one over there is Huntington, glad to meet you!" What I do know is that Chris has one of the most wonderful families ever and we've sure missed seeing them and eating that mutton these past 3 years.

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Melisa said…
How fun! What a blessing to be closer to family.
Karly said…
Hey Becky. This is Karly Cahoon (used to be Karly Atherton) from the good old Highland Ward! I saw your comment on Jen's blog and had to say hello. Your boys are so cute, what a great looking family. How is Dusty doing? I haven't heard from her in forever...she doesn't have a blog does she?
Matt and Leigh said…
Chris and Mike wore the same shirt... discernable only by the mutton stain pattern no doubt...
Agent B! Where are YOU in any of these pics??!?!? How am I suppose to know that you are alive and not just a ghost of Agent B? Don't you remember the Office episode where Jim pretends to be Dwight on the computer and Dwight had to respond to Dwight?? :) Anyway, lovely pictures as always. Give those goofball boys big bear hugs from me. No more going on beautiful treks without me! I miss those mountains!

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