Isaac displays the proper method for throwing a rock while keeping your pants on.

IMG_0610 [800x600] IMG_0611 [800x600] IMG_0612 [800x600] IMG_0613 [800x600] IMG_0614 [800x600] IMG_0615 [800x600] IMG_0616 [800x600] IMG_0617 [800x600] IMG_0618 [800x600]

There, it's gone!  Did you see it?!

He is sooooo cute!  Well, he is!  Truth is truth.


Melisa said…
True true! Love those mountains!
Yes, he is so cute. I love the pictures.
Mommy Of 2 said…
so cute, that IS truly a talent huh:) he is so cute!
Welch Mom said…
What plumbers can't through rocks?

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