Frog Legs with a Side of Bacon, please.

I'm starting to wonder if it's such a good thing to have our alarm set to news radio in the morning. I "woke up" to the guy saying something about the weather, Barack Obama (the guy does get a lot of air time), and something about an accident in Ventura, Utah where 100 kids were in an accident and only 12 survived. I lay there half awake with one arm still numb thinking "that's horrible" and then fell back to sleep.

Later today Chris and I were driving somewhere and I told Chris about that story we "heard" on the radio this morning. I mentioned the "facts" after which he clarified the story. It turns out the accident was in Pintura, not Ventura (that made sense since the only one I've heard of is in CA). The vehicle, which I thought must be a bus, was a semi truck and the passengers were not kids, but pigs, numbering a hundred and sixty, leaving only 60 alive. I was first relieved, then in need of a tissue to dry the tears from laughter, then I took a moment to mourn the pigs lost in the tragic accident and frugally wondered how many they could quickly turn into bacon ("waste not, want not"-Herbie Hancock). Ooops, I mean mourn again and sympathize with Miss Piggy, no wait, she had a thing for frogs, never mind. Time to change the alarm clock to the beeper, or at least verify my facts an hour or so after I've woken up.

(I should mention that Chris heard practically the same thing I did this morning only he's the type of person to go to the source, not just take words sent to dream riddled minds as fact. Maybe our radio or reporter cannot pronounce 'p's, thus kids for pigs and Ventura for Pintura).

kermit and Miss Piggy

If you care to read the real story click on the link below:


gublergal said…
This does NOT sound like the woman who loves mornings and gets so much accomplished before the sun rises. Kids will do it to you, I guess. VERY funny interpretation of news radio. :-)
The Earls said…
That's hilarious! I don't hear things clearly when I first wake up either. -Like things my hubby asks me to do that day. Don't they know we're not all there yet?
Natalie said…
I always convert reality into dream-warped strangities when I wake up, but this is hilarious. You are such a taletned writer! Again I am laughing my poor sides into painful state and thinking there definitely is something wrong with the way your morning announcer prounounces "P" sounds.
Karly said…
Haha, so funny. My first thought was, "oh no! That many kids died?" I almost couldn't keep reading. I laughed pretty hard when I heard they were pigs. :) Too funny.

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