Breaking Dawn, loved it to bits and bites!

I just finished reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer and wow, it was awesome! It took me longer to finish this then I'd hoped but my husband Chris kept confiscating it for himself if I ever put it down. Just like my boys say when someone takes his toy after it's been put down, "but, I was still playing with that!" The link below is to my Goodreads review of the book. It has spoilers, so don't read it if you haven't read the book first.

It's definitely worth letting your house fall apart and your kids run around like feral beasts clad in melted chocolate chips,cheese-its, and chewing gum.


I too liked it, but had mixed feelings about some of it. Just finished it today! :) Book 3 is still my favorite.
Melisa said…
I liked your review! I'm with Jeannette. I think as far as telling the story goes, Eclipse is still my favorite, but as far as things that happen, I really love that Breaking Dawn ended with everyone happy.
Natalie said…
I may have to become a Stephanie Meyers fan only because I love the description of your kids in this post. I'm glad you liked it!
Brynn said…
Just finished! Really...I guess that Edward guy is ok. :)
Mommy Of 2 said…
Ok I was just typing a message and it dissapeared so here is a different version. I am so glad you found our blog, it s soooo fun keeping in contact this way. So glad you are doing well and your family is just adorable. I am also glad that my house is not the only one that is in shambles since Twilight craze. I am truly in love with the series:) sad it is over though, guess I;ll just have to continue in New Moon where I left off for the second time before Breaking Dawn came out. Take care I will check back too k.
Sorensens said…
Yea another fan! I just finished the book yesterday, it's been a crazy week. I loved it!
Leticia said…
Hi Becky!!!! Glad YOU found the Beck Blog!!! You have a sweet family and you look great!!!! I too love the books...I am still trying to finish the is a little crazy with the baby..but doing it!!! How fun huh!!! I'll be adding you to my funky friends list...Blogging is so fun!!! Say hi to Erin for us!!
-Ang said…
Becky! Thank you so much for sending me your blog site through e-mail!!! How fun to see what you've been up to! I don't have a blog just yet -soon! I finished Breaking Dawn about a week ago and don't seem to know what to do with myself now that it's over -loved them all! My husband Steve is about half way -he knew better than to touch while I was reading :). Did you know the movie got bumped up a few weeks to Nov 21st?
It's so great to touch base with you!
-Angela Groke

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