Isaac in denial of turning 3, "No! I'm 2!"

IMG_0354 [640x480]

I think it finally started to set in when he got to blow out 3 candles instead of two.  Mommy was very proud of this cake.  Because all of the cake pans were packed all I had was a batter bowl and with the advice and instructions from a few friends I was able to bake my cake in it.  The volcano turned out great, or at least great for the eyes and imaginations of boys 6 and under.  Reed and Douglas were in charge of the dinosaurs on the verge of extinction.  In the end none of them survived.

IMG_0329 [640x480]

IMG_0337 [640x480]

That really had to hurt.


Natalie said…
What a cute cake! I'm totally impressed, but then, when am I ever not impressed by anything you do, Mrs. Superwoman? I hope Isaac had a marvelous birthday and that you're getting settled in after your trek across the plains. Your boys are darling!
Matt and Leigh said…
would that dinosaur have suffered death by lava or death by sugar?... I know which one i'd pick...
Melisa said…
You are amazing. Baking a cake while unpacking?! I'd have done store made, but I'm not as awesome as you either.

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