Independence Day

IMG_0277 [640x480] "Oh say can you" hear?

We had a wonderful holiday celebrating our freedom in this wonderful country. Our very nice friends, the Tews, invited us over for dinner and fireworks. Our legal fireworks consisted of the innocent fountains, Pop-its, and Sparklers. Thankfully, I was treated to some midnight entertainment by our not- so- law- abiding neighbors up the street who must have gone to Indiana for some not so innocent fireworks (the Wyoming of the East). It sure was beautiful seeing them in the sky just 150 feet from my bedroom window.

IMG_0270 [640x480] Jolly Good Show Dad! Do it again! Every good light display deserves a round of applause.

IMG_0284 [640x480] Great view from down here.

IMG_0282 [640x480] IMG_0272 [640x480]

IMG_0306 [640x480] How sweet is my sweety?

IMG_0290 [640x480] Sure do love that manual function on the camera, thanks for pointing that out Naomi. (By the way, Naomi rocks! She taught me how to make homemade soap too, the kind where you use lye,very cool).

IMG_0254 [640x480]

What kind of 4th of a July would it be without watermelon?

IMG_0261 [640x480]

Douglas kept asking me why I wouldn't touch the snake and instead of saying I was scared I just said "I don't touch reptiles", that way it sounded like it's a matter of principle, not a fear. But, I think he knew the real reason as he followed me around asking me if I wanted to hold it. Isaac liked it when the snake licked his hand. I have to admit that it was a very cute black tongue. As for you health conscious family members, yes, they did wash their hands after handling Chloe the snake.

Well, that was our 4th of July. Fireworks, watermelon, friends, and a snake named Chloe. Oh, and my lovely neighbors up the street working on acquiring a criminal record. If you're going to have one you might as well go out with a bang! (Ha! That was funny, admit it!)


Natalie said…
I LOVE all of these amazing photos! My favorite is the one with the heart made from sparkler emissions. You are so talented! I'm glad I know you so you can teach me all of the cool things you do. :) It looks like you had a great holiday and all the photos of the boys are darling!
Happy Fourth of July to you! We had fun with all of Ladd's siblings at Mike and Maquels. They have a great view, so we had a wonderful display of illegal fireworks. After we got home, I heard a helicopter circling over head then heard over a loud speaker, "you are under arrest!" I guess our neighbors went out with a bang, too! That's what happens when you live in Fontana...
Melisa said…
Jolly good post! I wonder if my camera is capable of such cool things...

I didn't know you were afraid of snakes. What are your feelings on frogs?
jakeandlacey said…
Hahaha, sounds like fun. I think I'd stay away from Chloe too. Sounds like you guys had fun! The boys are adorable, I'm so excited to see them again! Good ol' illegal fireworks, haha. We didn't have too many of those around here this year, but we had fun watching the stadium of fire fireworks from the park... fun stuff. Love you guys!
Welch Mom said…
Don't you just love manual functions. Wish you were around longer so I could show you more!

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