A Weekend spent with friends, too much food, and fun, fun, fun! The best 'f' words I know.

IMG_0081 [640x480] This memorial weekend was spent mostly outside enjoying the sun and the warm weather.  Unfortunately, after a long cold winter, 81 degrees has become a little bit too warm and uncomfortable for my taste.  What will I do with myself when it gets into the humid 90's and beyond?  Humidity and heat are conditions in nature that trigger an unstable state of mind for a person such as myself.  It's on days where those two are combined where I've seriously considered shaving my hair off.  My hair really does a great job of keeping the heat in, a great natural feature for a Michigan winter, but a curse in the summer.  Oh well, I guess the small bouts with insanity in the summer are worth enduring if I am to ward off frost bitten ears in the winter.  Ears or hair, or ear hair, ew.  Maybe that's how bald guys survive the winter, by cultivating a rich harvest of hair in the ears.  I've always felt that men who go bald aren't really loosing their hair, it's just being sucked into their heads and coming out elsewhere.  Ears, nose, back, etc...IMG_0085 [640x480]  IMG_0077 [640x480]

Well, minus the encroach-ing and inevitable heat, we really did have a nice weekend.  First we met some friends at a park at Lake Lansing on Saturday.  To get there you take a road called Lake Lansing Road, imagine that (did you also know that if you take a road called Saginaw, you will also get to the town of Saginaw?), which is also the road to a great shopping area, but for some reason I never thought about going to the actual lake.  Only now in our final months as Lansing-ers have we been introduced to it and wish we had known about it sooner.  What a fun place!  Our next fun activity was a double date with some wonderful friends who will also be moving, weep-weep, sniff-sniff (where's the tissue?).  We all realized that we haven't been on a double date in years.  The last time I went on one was when we were trying to set up one of my friends with a guy.  I suppose once you're married you're not required to double date out of moral precautions.  Even though we could "technically" throw those pre-married rules to the wind, we all behaved ourselves with the utmost decorum, except for maybe Jeannette, hmmm...

IMG_0087 [640x480] IMG_0098 [640x480]

Today, we were invited to another wonderful friend's house, the Millers, for a bbq.  Writing this blog is making me realize how many wonderful people we'll be leaving, again, where's the tissue.  Memorial Day must have a bbq involved or something is very wrong.  It's that or go wild shopping all the sales.  The first is probably the safest and most encouraged by my husband.  For some reason when we shop he gets this really glazed over look in his eyes and it's like he's passing over into another realm of existence where they torture you and slap your feet till they really hurt and then jump on your back till it to really hurts, weird.  IMG_0109 [640x480]

Our final activity of the weekend was spent in the back yard squirting the boys off with a hose.  You gotta clean up some time and they were pretty dirty.  They enjoyed every last droplet of cold water that came out of that hose.  I just need a soap setting to make it the new replacement for showers.IMG_0115 [640x480] 







IMG_0116 [640x480]


Sigh. These adorable pictures of your boys in the backyard getting hosed down makes me want an entire family of dirty, rock-collecting, smelly, leave-the-toilet-seat-up-BOYS. And by the way, what did I do/say on our double that was unlady like???? It doesn't surprise me. Usually in these type of situations it is a compliment to you because that must mean I'm super comfortable around you;)
Natalie said…
I also like those F-words. I'm glad you had a great weekend and am constantly sniffing and wiping away tears that we are all going in different directions this summer. It has been a treat to become friends with you and all the other great people with whom we associate. Your boys are darling!
kimhumpherys said…
i'm so glad your weather was enjoyable. we had not so great weather, oh well!
Brynn said…
FUN! How great to do so many fun things! I had a fun memorial day...it involved meeting and visiting with ERIN! :) You two are DEFINITELY related! :) You have the same voice and a lot of the same facial expressions. And her daughters are just as cute as your boys are! :) It was fun, and we're both conspiring on how we can get you guys to move here sooner.
jakeandlacey said…
Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! I'm excited to see y'all soon. :) We had a lot of rain this weekend here, so no need for the hose...:)
I am glad you had a fun weekend! It was freezing here. Seriously, we had a bbq and I wore a scarf! We all stood around the fire for warmth. The pictures of the boys are adorable!
Lindsay Klinger said…
Becky! I am so glad you found my blog. I seriously love blogging I have found so many friends I have lost contact with. So where are you guys going to be moving too? We are currently living in Vancouver Washingtion. Lots of rain but it is beautiful here. I love it.

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