"A heffalump or woozle's very sly!"

Isaac is sitting on the Lazy Boy reclined and comfortable watching The Heffalump Movie with his brothers. I have never heard him enjoy a show so much as he enjoys this one. Just a few minutes ago he was cracking up over Roo throwing vegetables at Lumpy, the heffalump. I think this must go along the lines of the pie being thrown in the face type of humor. I really can't stand this show and I'd get rid of it if it wasn't for those cuter than cute giggles. It's so cute that I don't even mind suffering through the Carly Simon background music. I don't know if anyone is like me in this regard, but there are actual types of music that make me sick even to the point of wanting to throw up. Chris calls me a synesthete, "a person with a neurologically-based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway." I think it gets worse the older I get.

Chris is in a final at the moment, his last in fact. Meaning The last one, no more, finito, graduation is in 4 days kind of last final. If you could see me right now, I'm jumping up sideways clicking my heals together like Bert the chimney sweep does on Mary Poppins...and now I'm recovering from that and checking myself for sprains and bleeding...good, still in once piece! Chris' parents are coming out for the ceremony and to see their 3 adorable grandkids. Yes, of course their adorable, especially when they are sound asleep. Isn't it strange how you can see those dreaming faces and think, how could such a sweet child as this rip the child gate off the wall along with the screws and braces, and at the tender age of 2? It must have been some other 2 year old in another dimension, it couldn't have been this perfectly angelic dosing child.


Julie Moore said…
Hey there! Julie Moore here. You are so brilliantly creative! What an ingenious blog! Your kids are soooo cute! Thanks for scripting the fun things of your life! I loved the "spit is the outer shell" story :-)!
Melisa said…
Wow, I feel smarter for reading this blog. Synesthete is a new word for me! ;)

Congrats on the last final! YEAH!What a great feeling! Though it is bittersweet for me as I don't want to think that you are leaving. sniff sniff
Alison B said…
oh, i can't beleive you are almost done!!! wow!!! how exciting for you. so, now what are the plans?? congrats!!

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