Toilet paper, " more than meets the eye"

Just this past morning there was some degree of hollering from the direction of the bathroom as someone found themselves stranded. I'm sure we all know what it means to be "stranded" in the bathroom. Well, I might as well confess that I was the one hollering. Why am I always the one to find that there is no more toilet paper? I guess I can't expect much while living in a house full of boys, and I the lone girl with high standards in toilet etiquette. It's amazing if they remember to put the toilet seat down at least once a week. Why don't I ever remember that this nearly impossible habit to form in boys is least remembered by me in the middle of the night, aaahh! I can vent for a long time on incorrect toilet usage of little boys, but to put it all into one encouraging word it would have to be: Focus! Well, they all seem to listen to me when I don't think they are and that morning Reed must have taken a mental note that mommy was left without toilet paper as she had to holler from her porcelain prison for help. So, this evening I was emptying Reed's backpack of papers from his day at school and ran across this one. Reed seems to understand more clearly the meaning of "wants" vs. “needs" unlike his brother Douglas (see earlier blog quote "I need it because I want it.") In this illustration Reed understands that Transformers are a "want" and after mommy's display of desperation he understands that toilet paper truly is a "need."


Brynn said…
Ha ha ha...porcelain prison...that was a funny funny post! It's good to know your children listen once in a while! I have yet to notice if Joseph ever listens to me: "Joseph, stop, Joseph, we're not going on the swings right now...Joseph, STOP. Oh ok." And off we go. I guess that's why he doesn't listen. If he's persistent enough he gets what he wants. I a bad mom?
So funny! I love how kids show that they are listening in the most unexpected, and sometimes unwanted, ways! We always think we are safe talking about something in the car, when the boys seem occupied in the backseat, then later Tanner will make comment showing that he heard every word we said!
I love the preckles post too! You have very observant, smart boys!
Yeah for Chris to be all done with his classes! Ladd still has one week left!
Melisa said…
Oh the joys of boys. I kept thinking as they got older I could stop constantly reminding them to put down the seat, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Welch Mom said…
A girls got to have her toliet paper and the seat down. When I was first married to Robb, I told him if I ever fell in in the middle of the night because of his lack of motivation to put the seat down, then I would be bringing my wet tush to his face in the middle of the night! That threat seemed to work and no more problems!

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