"Pringtime" means more "Preckles"

spring_blossoms Today has been one of the nicest days of Spring we've had here in Lansing this year. Isaac and I took advantage of the mild temperature and played outside. I sat in a chair with my sun hat, sunglasses, water and book while Isaac ran around making grass stains on his pants and talk-talk-talking. He's always so verbal when he's out in his natural environment, the wild animal that he is.

Speaking of the sun, and that sun hat I was wearing, it is a newly acquired piece of my trousseau. I have recently noticed an increase of lines on my face - while some may call them laugh lines I don't quite buy that theory. If they were laugh lines, they would go away when I was done laughing and I'm not laughing at 8 am while looking at these lines in the mirror. Well my vanity has led me to some drastic measures, no not Botox injections, but the purchase of a sun hat.


Along with those "laugh lines" I also have, and have had for years, a plethora of freckles which have been noticed and commented on by my 3 boys. Yes, they are kisses from the sun and in my case the sun has been rather forward where propriety would suggest some degree of restraint. The boys have on a few occasions pinned me down and have tried to count them. They get to 20 and then skip to 1000 to save time. Why I mention these freckles, besides discussing skin preservation techniques, is that this morning Isaac made a very keen observation. While I was gone dropping the boys off at school Chris, who has been sick this past week, was still in bed when Isaac woke up. Almost every morning the boys wake up with fresh questions and observations. This particular morning Isaac came into the room to visit the still-sleeping Chris and woke him up to show him something very interesting, a freckle. Quote: He said "look-it here's a preckle!" Chris: "Yeah, that's a freckle" then Isaac said "it's mommy's preckle!" Well, it seems that freckles are catchy or can jump from person to person like fleas. I wonder if laugh lines do that? Hmmm, maybe I should start sitting closer to people to allow easier travel for these lines of mine.


Brynn said…
That is a good one! My grandpa would pin us down and rub his nose on our nose to "give us freckles". He was very successful with me, but, not with my siblings! :) And yes what a BEAUTIFUL day!! We stayed at the park for almost 2 hours after walking group! (We missed YOU, by-the-way!)
Melisa said…
I love freckles. Angel kisses is what we always called them.

I'm soooo glad it feels so lovely outside. Yeah! Now, I can't keep my kids in the house.
Natalie said…
This is such a great post; you're a fantastic writer. You should definitely start on a book. Just don't sit by me because I already have plenty of "preckles" and laugh lines! :)

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