Errant in my Errands

Douglas and Donald, twin engines

I just rescued the "bad guy" (see previous post) again, this time from boiling to death in the macaroni and cheese water. I'm so nice to this guy, my villain in distress. I must be the chairman of the committee that encourages humane treatment of the toys always labeled as the" bad guys." I actually rescued another toy, Douglas, not my son, but one of the twin engines from the Thomas train set. I was outside in the back with Isaac and happened to look down at the grass and right below me was the long lost train. I hadn't seen him since last summer and little did I know that he would be spending his winter in ice next to a frozen acorn. New grass had even started growing over him, he was becoming a victim of some fast growing jungle-esque Bermuda grass vines. To confess, I should really stop rescuing all of these toys as I want to get rid of a good chunk of them before we move (don't ask when that will be).

Besides being on call as a toy rescuer, I've been pretty busy today. I managed to accomplish all of my goals and even forced myself to go to the grocery store with Isaac. That is not an easy thing, but thanks to a bag of left over Easter candy, I was able to keep the boy in line. That technique for child-store-management is probably not approved by the "experts," but it's worth it in the end. And not getting the evil eye from other patrons who can't handle a scream with a pitch that could break glass, is also a comfort.

I'm sure there are other errand running moms out there who somehow get places while driving and have no recollection of how you got there. All of a sudden you look up and you're home in your parking spot and are a little disturbed that your conscious being was not a part of the process. Well, today during one of my many goal accomplishing errands, I found myself parked in front of the McDonald's drive thru speaker. My windows were partially cracked because of the warmer temps. we Michigan dwellers had today, and was surprised when I looked to my left and heard someone asking me what I wanted. Aahh! Feeling really stupid, I gathered my subconscious and conscious states together and ordered a medium diet coke. I am really loosing it! Rest assured that wherever this other personality leads us, we always get there safely. Rerouting may be the only inconvenience and maybe a few unwanted diet Cokes (though a diet coke is rarely an unwanted thing for me).


Brynn said…
So funny! I've definitely been wow,I'm home now...that is frightening. BUT I AM impressed that you went shopping. I am completely exhausted by the time I get home from shopping with Joseph and I yesterday decided I'm SO not going anywhere with him by myself until I am officially off bedrest. The backyard doesn't count, but, he still does run away from me. Anyways. This is a rambler. Nice to see you for a minute today in all your comings and goings!
Melisa said…
I feel like I'm on auto-pilot a lot too. I won't take my kids to the store by myself though. I'll starve first. It is beyond my ability. Maybe I need to use our Easter candy. That is a good idea!
kimhumpherys said…
do you drink as much diet coke as our mom's used to? he,he!!

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