Deep Thoughts by Dougie the Bear

"I wish it didn't happen, but it did."

That was the line Douglas wrote in a get well letter to my mom. I really think I should send it into Hallmark for the best line ever written for a "get well" card. In saying "I wish it didn't happen" it shows that the sender really does care for the well being of the patient. Then to end it with "but it did" says that the healing person should deal with it and move on as best they can. Wow, so profound. Douglas is full of these kinds of statements.

"I need it because I want it."

This was a response Douglas gave to grandpa Williams when he was trying to get some more ice cream. It totally makes sense. If you want something bad enough that it could perhaps cause pain, sadness, or frustration in not having it, perhaps it does become a need, that is if one is to maintain the joy previously enjoyed while eating a full bowl of ice cream. Not that the giver of the ice cream will give into the expressed "need", but the suffering will at least be understood by the giver who is not giving any more. Life can sometimes be tough for people with such "needs".

“The spit is the shell of the kiss”

I was giving the boys good night kisses the other night and if anyone knows anything about kisses from parents, they must know that they need to be slobbery to be of any good. Not that my kisses are always like that, but for some reason Reed got one that night. He has gotten to a stage where he pretends kisses are gross. So, after I gave him his good night kiss, he said “gross!” (then wiped it off) and asked if he wipes off the kiss does that mean it’s gone? I replied no, that they are still there no matter what you do. Then Douglas who was on the bottom bunk bed thinking, expounded with the following statement: “The spit is the shell of the kiss.” See, you can’t get rid of a kiss, it remains even when the spit shell is gone. By the way Douglas still likes his kisses at bed time and often offers an Eskimo and butterfly kiss to boot.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma

Love, Becky, Chris, Reed, Douglas and Isaac, and here’s a big wet kiss, ppppp..splish…splash…pop! I wish that there was a letter for the sound of a kiss in our alphabet.


Melisa said…
I tell my boys that when they try to wipe off a kiss, it rubs it in. :) I like that shell idea. Very profound.
Ladd said…
Douglas is the youngest philosopher I've ever heard of.. It will be very interesting to see what he ends up doing when he grows up...

One month til graduation! We are counting the days! These past three years have gone by fast...
The last comment was by me, I was just logged on as Ladd. Oops!
Welch Mom said…
Kids are so perceptive, honest and to the point...If only adults could be that way!

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